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You, along with our thousands of members and supporters, will help us to make the UK a better place for cycling and improve so many lives.

Thanks to you we will have an even stronger voice for national campaigning and lobbying, so that we can make roads safer and get more funding for cycling.

Thanks to you we will lobby and campaign on local cycling issues, holding local authorities to account for road safety and infrastructure decisions.

Thanks to you we will help thousands of friends and family get cycling and keep cycling with information, support and advice – especially now when so many people are getting back on their bikes.

Thanks to you we will be developing national and local campaigns, supporting our groups and volunteers, running national events such as Bike Week to engage new cyclists, creating new routes, supporting our community outreach programmes, and much much more.

What's included
  • Cycle, the UK’s most-read cycling magazine. There are six issues per year which will be delivered straight to your door.
  • Cycle Clips, the weekly email newsletter packed full of expert advice, stories, campaigning news and all manner of cycling related content.
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Now is the time to support and be part of the UK’s cycling charity. We have been looking out for cyclists for over 140 years and with your support will continue to do so for many more years to come.

You may not be riding your bike at the moment, or perhaps you don't need all the benefits of a full membership. Or maybe you are just keen to support our work with a monthly donation.

As a Supporter you will receive our award-winning Cycle magazine direct to your home, every two months.

*The more you are able to give, the more we can do to support cycling in the UK. We do ask for a minimum donation of £2 per month, to be paid via monthly Direct Debit. Donations are eligible for Gift Aid which makes your money go further, at no extra cost to you.