Life membership

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Look forward to a lifetime of benefits

If you'd like to buy Life membership, please contact us on 01483 238301 and we'll be happy to help

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Is cycling a way of life for you, like it is for us?

What better way to express your love of cycling then becoming a life member.

There really is no better time to support the UK’s cycling charity. Be part of our long and illustrious history, from our founding in 1878, to the future of a better world by bike, the whole time we will be here to support the rest of your cycling life. 

Whether you have been with us since you started cycling, or have only just discovered Cycling UK, we want you to be part of something special. Sharing in the love of cycling and our vision for a better world by bike. As one of our members you enable us to have a louder voice to lobby government, campaign for improved rights and inspire millions more people to cycle.  

When you become a life member of Cycling UK, you'll receive a special membership card with your name and the date you very first joined along with your welcome pack. You will also continue to receive your wonderful member benefits such as 3rd party insurance, retail discounts, Cycle magazine and the ability to ride with Cycling UK member and affiliated groups. 

As a young teenager in the 70s, our cycling club afforded me a real degree of personal mobility that others can't access until they can drive, not to mention a very healthy activity to focus a young person's interests and goals. Pity then that motorbikes lured me away for 30 years. But they say once you've had the cycling bug it always finds you again, and true for me 7 years ago when I re-joined. By then it was clear that the economy of life membership made it the best bet

Simon, Cambridge 

Life membership has changed

We are always looking for ways to improve our memberships and make them simpler for all, so now life membership has changed to a flat fee of £950, this still represents a £250 saving over the old starting rate of £1,200. We will also be improving the package that comes with being a life member. A special membership card and exclusive gift to begin with, plus we will be seeing what else our life members would prefer to receive that best reflects this wonderful commitment to cycling.