Electric cycle helps local business go green in Sheffield

A stonemason wearing a grey t-shirt loads tools into a white e-cargo bike outside his workshop
Steve regularly uses an e-cargo bike instead of his van to commute to work in Sheffield
Fed up with spending his morning commute stuck in traffic at rush hour, local Sheffield resident and stonemason business owner Steve Roche decided to sign up for a free Making cycling e-asier e-cycle loan

In just a few weeks, Steve was pleased to discover that not only did he lose eight pounds, but he also saved £25 per week which he would otherwise have spent on fuel.

By driving less and e-cycling more, Steve was able to whizz past the traffic he used to sit in and cut his 4.5-mile journey down by 15 minutes.

The extra assistance provided a boost on Sheffield’s notorious hills and helped him to incorporate exercise into his busy schedule, without it being too strenuous to affect his ability to carry out his physical job.

Since returning his free e-bike loan, the stars aligned when Cycling UK discovered an e-cargo bike looking for a temporary home, which the charity has now loaned to Steve until he can afford his own.

My commute is perfectly doable on an e-bike. It now seems like madness that I was driving around, running an engine and getting stuck in traffic every day

Steve Roche, stonemason and Making cycling e-asier recipient

Steve commented:

“My commute is perfectly doable on an e-bike. It now seems like madness that I was driving around, running an engine and getting stuck in traffic every day.

“Sheffield is very hilly so I do need the extra assistance to be able to carry my tools and materials and my job is quite physical, so it means that I don’t arrive at work absolutely knackered.

“I can’t believe that more trades people are not doing it. There are so many people that don’t need to carry hundreds of tools around with them every day. You can fit more than enough into an e-cargo bike, especially the front-loading ones because they hold a lot.

“It’s going to take a bit of saving up to buy my own e-cargo bike, but I already know that it will be valuable for myself and my business.”

A man wearing a black helmet and grey t-shirt pedals a white e-cargo bike through grassy area on a sunny day

John Cox, Cycling UK’s behaviour change officer for Making cycling e-asier in Sheffield, said:

“It’s great to hear how e-cycling has helped Steve to improve his health and save money, especially during the cost-of-living crisis. Making cycling e-asier is all about helping people like him discover new ways to drive less and cycle more.

“I hope Steve’s story will inspire others who are looking for ways to travel more actively to consider the role of e-bikes. E-cycles are a wonderful way to travel in our cities and Cycling UK is here to help Sheffielders realise their potential.”

Funded by Department for Transport, Making cycling e-asier is a free e-cycle scheme run by Cycling UK. Communities in Sheffield, Manchester, Leicester and Luton and Dunstable can access free skills and confidence sessions, and free one-month e-cycle loans, giving them the tools to feel safe and comfortable e-cycling regularly.

People can sign up and find more information about Making cycling e-asier via Cycling UK’s website.

One-month e-cycle loans and skills and confidence sessions are based on a first-come-first-serve basis with limited availability.

Confirmed Making cycling e-asier partners supporting the delivery include Evans Cycles, Raleigh Bikes, Specialized, Tier Mobility, Islabikes, Wheels for All, Bikeworks, Fusion Media, Modeshift, Cyclescheme, Bike Right, Sharebike, Transport for Quality of Life.

For more information, please visit cyclinguk.org/making-cycling-e-asier.


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