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Cycling UK members receive 2 months FREE premium subscription with the Pillar training app to help you reach your cycling goals.

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Pillar: The intelligent coaching app

Pillar is an intelligent coaching app, built by world tour coaches and top sports scientists – to make great coaching available for all. Pillar creates personalised training that works around the demands of your goal, your fitness level and adapts around your schedule .

If you are short on time with changing commitments, Pillar understands. Move, change and add in manual sessions with a couple of taps. The Pillar app will dynamically update your plan to make sure that you are getting the right sessions in to achieve your goals, maximising the time you have allocated to train. Pillar designs your programme so that you are training in the right way based on the training you have done and progress you have made in the previous week and can be used to train for an event, a personal challenge or even just to improve your fitness. Whatever your goals,  Pillar are focused on a balanced approach to cycling training that takes into account your personal fitness and appetite to train.

Pillar can connect with your devices such as your Garmin watch, power meter or indoor trainer, so that you can get the most out of Pillar inside and outside, when and where you want to train and track your progress. 

Cycling UK members receive 2 months free premium app subscription. 

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