£10m third-party insurance cover

Insurance Member Benefit
Cycling UK members receive £10m third-party insurance cover.

Why do I need third-party insurance?

We all ride with the intention of keeping safe and avoiding incident, but occasionally the unfortunate can occur. Although you may not be at fault – you could, for example, have unintentionally damaged a car or fence, or caused injury to a fellow cyclist.

With third-party liability insurance, you are covered for any claims made against you for damage or injury. Cycling UK members are automatically covered up to £10m by this policy and there is no excess to pay.

It includes using cycles for business use but does not cover those specifically employed as a cyclist, for example as a courier.

It covers sportives, charity rides, audax, time trials and other rides as long as they are not competitive in nature. Electric pedal bikes are also included.

All Cycling UK individual and household membership types automatically include liability in the event of injury or damage to third parties or third-party property. Cycle insurance to protect your bikes and possessions from theft and damage can be provided by Yellow Jersey and combined home and bike insurance is provided by Pedal Cover. Both offer exclusive discounts to Cycling UK members.

Reporting an incident

If you think you may have been involved in an incident that may lead to a claim being made against you under our third-party liability policy, please call Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers directly on 0151 494 4400, soon as possible.

Cycling UK is not authorised to give advice on the suitability of insurance cover or sell insurance policies.

We work closely with Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers who are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Advice given on our site in relation to insurance cover and products is provided by Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers.

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