Cycle insurance

Exclusive discounts available with Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance and Pedal Cover home insurance, to complement Cycling UK’s member cover
A cyclist riding past a large bike parking area in a train station.

If you are looking to insure your bicycle and accessories for theft, accidental damage, events and travel, you have a couple of options; home insurance with extra cover for your bikes, or a bicycle-only policy.

We know that one option isn’t right for everyone, so as a member of Cycling UK, you can choose the benefit most suitable for you.

Yellow Jersey are a leading bicycle insurer who provide packages to suit all types of cyclist. Pedal Cover provide home insurance for cyclists, offering a similar level of bicycle cover alongside comprehensive building and contents insurance.

Both companies can provide comprehensive mountain bike insurance, e-bike insurance, and cover for trikes and adapted cycles. 

As a Cycling UK member, you can save 15% on a home insurance policy with Pedal Cover, an average saving of £50 per customer. Your Yellow Jersey discount will save you £50 on an annual policy.

Discounts for Cycling UK members £50* off annual policies 15% on a home insurance policy with an average saving of £50* per customer Bicycles up to £15k (£50k total value) Theft from and away from home Accidental damage Personal accident Up to 25K Up to 15K Legal expenses (100K) Accessories cover Taxi reimbursement Emergency cycle hire 60% multi bike discount Travel overseas Sportives and charity rides Racing cover Expert in house claims team Buildings (up to £1m) Contents (up to £100k) Personal possessions (up to £15k) Legal Protection (up to £50k)

*Yellow Jersey policies is subject to a minimum charge of £25. £50 off Pedal Cover is the average saving customers would get with 15% off a home and bicycle policy. Pedal Cover discount excludes high net worth policies.

Cycling UK members have exclusive access to the highest discount Yellow Jersey offer to any of their partners, and Pedal Cover do not offer discounts to anyone other than Cycling UK members.

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Stand-alone bicycle insurance, or cycle cover on home insurance?

The team at Pedal Cover have designed a policy to address the shortcomings cyclists face with the majority of home insurance policies.

Most home insurance policies have very low limits on bicycle value, restrict cover to your property only, and offer no cover while taking part in events or traveling with your bicycles.

Pedal Cover have designed a policy with their underwriter NIG (part of the Direct Line Group) to provide extended cover for cyclists. Along with buildings and contents cover, your bicycles will be covered away from home for theft and damage, even if you are taking them on holiday or participating in cycling events.

Yellow Jersey offer a stand-alone cycle insurance policy, meaning your bicycle cover and home insurance are separated from one another. They offer three tiers of bicycle insurance to suit your requirements.

Their Essentials package will cover theft, accidental damage and personal accident while riding in the UK. Their Performance package extends cover to Europe and while riding in cycling events. And their Ultimate pedal cycle insurance package will cover your bikes worldwide, and even while racing.

If you do not own your own home, don’t wish to combine cover, or if you own particularly expensive bicycles, a stand-alone bicycle insurance might be a better option for you.

Both insurance offers includes e-bikes, adapted cycles and trikes