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I am sorry to have to announce that we are once again having to suspend club rides due to the Covid19 crisis.

We had a ride leaders meeting on Thursday (by video-link) and decided we no longer felt able to continue under the current circumstances. This is because:

1. There are now very few ride leaders left and we are each having to lead nearly every week due the rule of six.

2. It is getting increasingly difficult to find cafes that can cope with large numbers at once - many are insisting on exact arrival times or pre-ordering of food.

3. With winter coming sitting outside of cafes is no longer possible and sitting indoors increasingly offers problems around safe social distancing when there are lots of us.

4. The virus levels are increasing and organising large social groups (all be it subdivided into 6s) is becoming increasingly hard to justify.

We hope you can all keep riding and are happy for our Facebook page to be used as a place to seek or offer companionship for rides on the understanding that these are not CTC Peterborough rides, but private affairs. You must limit numbers to six of course. It would probably be best to finalise details of rides privately via Facebook Messenger once you have found companions for a ride.

Also a victim of Covid19 is the club AGM. This is postponed until April on instruction from CUK. The current committee have agreed to continue in their posts until April, except Phil Watson who will be handing over the Membership Secretary role to myself in November. Thanks to all the committee for continuing in there roles and to Phil for all his work over the last few years.

Keep cycling and stay safe.


Peterborough’s sociable cycling club, organising rides on quiet routes in Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Northants, and Lincs led by experienced Ride Leaders.

Get on your bike and explore the country lanes in a friendly group at a social/conversational pace. Non-Cycling UK members are welcome and can join us on three rides before deciding to join Cycling UK

At CTC Peterborough we have fun taking our cycling seriously but we don’t do any competitive rides so we’re never in training for anything. This means our rides tend to be slower than many cycling clubs'. However, we still ride some challenging routes so cycling with us is a great way to build fitness.

Our average pace on rides is around 12-13mph but if anyone is struggling and having a bad day, they won't be left behind. At CTC Peterborough we never leave anyone behind.

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19