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CTC Peterborough

Peterborough’s sociable cycling club.

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NEWS - Incident First Responder Seminar 21st March 2020 

Free to CUK members https://www.cyclinguk.org/event/first-responder-incident-seminar


Peterborough’s sociable cycling club, organising rides on quiet routes in Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Northants, and Lincs led by experienced Ride Leaders.

Get on your bike and explore the country lanes in a friendly group at a social/conversational pace. Non-Cycling UK members are welcome and can join us on three rides before deciding to join Cycling UK

At CTC Peterborough we have fun taking our cycling seriously but we don’t do any competitive rides so we’re never in training for anything. This means our rides tend to be slower than many cycling clubs'. However, we still ride some challenging routes so cycling with us is a great way to build fitness.

Our average pace on rides is around 12-13mph but if anyone is struggling and having a bad day, they won't be left behind. At CTC Peterborough we never leave anyone behind.

Information about the group rides 

We generally offer two led rides per week; one on a Wednesday and the other on a Saturday or a Sunday.  All our rides are posted on our Facebook page or visit our Ride Calendar to find out when the next ride is.  We grade our rides to give you a better idea of what to expect. If you are relatively new to cycling or concerned about the distance or speed, then look out for in particular the Grade C or Grade D rides.

Grade D

During the spring and summer months look out for Grade D rides.  These are intended as gentle rides for first timers who are not particularly fit and probably don't ride regularly but, at the same time, would like to try riding in a group.  Typically the length of these rides will be 10 – 25 miles with an average cycling speed of 8 – 11 mph.  We like to think of these rides as stepping stones to our more regular rides but that decision is entirely yours.

Grade C

Occasionally we will run a Grade C ride where the distance is between 30 and 40 miles and the average cycling speed slightly reduced at 10 – 12 mph.  Again there will be a cakestop about halfway and you can expect more stops during the ride to regroup.

Grade B

The majority of our rides are of Grade B.  Typically these are half day rides covering 40-50 miles with an average speed of around 12-13 mph.  They have a single a stop for refreshments (a cakestop) around halfway but will also occasionally stop en route to regroup. 

Grade A

Once a month you can expect a more challenging ride.  Grade A rides may be a little faster, longer (50-75 miles) or simply involve more hills.  If you have ridden regularly with us they should not be a problem for you.  The longer rides may involve more than one cakestop.  Again there will be occasional stops to regroup after particularly challenging sections.


Finally our rides programme will contain Specials.  In one way or another these can generally be considered as challenging.  They can be long weekends vising areas remote from Peterborough, short cycling tours involving camping or B&B, one night camping trip (S24O), night rides to the coast, or simply 100 mile challenge rides.  The choice is yours