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More information may be found at https://coventryctc.org.uk

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About us

CTC Coventry is a friendly and varied group of touring cyclists of all ages who have a shared enjoyment of fellowship and the great outdoors.

New members of all abilities are always welcome, so come along and join us on one of our regular rides. Our experienced leaders will show you the best country lanes in the lovely countryside of Warwickshire and surrounding counties with stops in a selection of our many cafés.

The regular rides programme is interspersed with special events and tours of varying length and in the winter we have a fortnightly clubroom evening.

Information about our activities is posted on our very comprehensive website, https://coventryctc.org.uk and last minute details are circulated in our weekly bulletin, for which you can sign up at https://coventryctc.org.uk/subscribe-to-the-bulletin.

It is 100-years since our foundation in 2021. To celebrate this special milestone we held a full programme of centenary events and have also published a commemorative booklet, which along with our club cycling jerseys can be ordered from our club shop: https://coventryctc.org.uk/club-shop.

Information about the group rides


  • Sunday rides: meet at 09.15am the Coventry War Memorial Park at the Park and Ride facility.
    • Sunday all day ride of 50-miles returning by 4.00pm in the winter,  or up to 80-miles returning by 6pm in the summer. Busy riders often return home after the morning break.
    • Sunday 40-mile ride with a café break, returning by 2.00pm.
    • Sunday a shorter ride, usually less than 30-miles with a café break, returning by 1.00pm.
  • Tuesday rides: meet at a variety of cafés between 10.15am and 11.00am, before riding about 20-miles to lunch. The ride returns towards Coventry with riders leaving the group at a convenient point.
  • Women only rides: A monthly Sunday ride and a pop-up mid-week ride.
  • Tours: Weekend and longer tours are organised in the UK and abroad in all variations from fixed base to moving on. We use the whole range of accommodation from camping to hotels.
  • Social program: including a fortnightly winter slide show and Christmas Dinner.
  • Campaigning: we liaise with local councils to improve cycling provision.
  • Special events: Since 2001 we have organised a Triennial Veterans 100-mile event. These rides are nationally co-ordinated events run every three years by local groups for members over 50-years old. Please see coventryctc.org.uk/2022-trivets for full details of our 2022 event


Rides may include non-technical off-road sections.


Full details of all rides and activities are set out in our weekly bulletin published by email on a Wednesday evening. Please subscribe to the bulletin (free) through our website at: https://coventryctc.org.uk/subscribe-to-the-newsletter.