Inverness Inclusive Cycling Experience Booking

A man smiling at the camera as he cycles a recumbent trike out in the sun on a pedestrianised path
Cycling UK is excited to offer free try-outs and loans of accessible cycles to communities based in Inverness

What are you waiting for?

Experience the freedom of cycling with our free, accessible cycle loan programme in Inverness. Our diverse selection of cycles caters to various disabilities, ensuring everyone can find a suitable option to enhance their daily travels.

Join us for a free taster session to build your confidence in using an accessible cycle, or sign up for a loan in Inverness.

A women cycling a recumbent trike out in the sun on a pedestrianised path with two women walking next to her, one on each side

Terms for booking

Get the most out of your free cycle try-out session or loan by following these terms and conditions

  • Abide by the Highway Code
  • Use the cycle reasonably and responsibly
  • Return the cycle clean, and if applicable, with the battery fully charged and in the same condition as you collected it in (loans only)
  • Return the cycle on the date, time and place stated on your booking confirmation or such other place as agreed by us in advance at the end of the hire period
  • Ensure that all data provided by you is accurate

Inverness Inclusive Cycling Experience location