The Inclusive Cycling Experience FAQs

Man wearing a helmet cycling a trike outside on a footpath in a park
Here are some common questions about using our cycle loan schemes in Greater Manchester and Inverness

Who is it open to?

The programme is open to all in Inverness and Greater Manchester. We especially welcome those with a long-term health condition or a disability, as the cycles are specifically adapted to suit the needs of disabled people.

How much will it cost?

The programme is free to use, with funding provided by the Motability Foundation.

How long do I keep a cycle for?

Initially cycles can be loaned for up to one day, and following a consultation, cycles may be loaned for a more extended period up to a month. For our short-term session, cycles are used for around one hour.

Where do I apply?

We have a short form on our website to fill in so we can match you to one of our cycles for Greater Manchester and Inverness.

Can a cycle be adapted to my particular needs?

Cycles can be fitted for your individual needs. This can range from adjustments to make the cycle comfy to providing different parts to adapt to your needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss your circumstances, and we can advise you on what is available.

What cycles are available to loan?

We have a fleet of cycles for most needs, from electric trikes to recumbent cycles. We also have standard two-wheeled bikes that can be adapted to suit the rider. If you require a particular cycle, please get in touch with, and we can discuss your needs.

Is there a waiting list?

If you require a specific cycle, please get in touch, as there may be a short wait for this specific model. In general, there is no waiting list for the programme.

Why is it only in two cities? Will it come closer to me?

The Motability Foundation's funding is specific to these two locations. Please see our webpage for details of different opportunities to get cycling across the UK.

Will I be able to switch to bikes part-way through?

If you find a model that doesn’t suit you, please get in touch, and we’ll discuss your needs and, if possible, find another, more suitable model.

Can I loan a bike more than once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of loans you can take on this programme. That said, in some instances, we may have to prioritise new participants over repeat loans.

What support is available to help me get going?

Our team is on hand to guide you through the process of starting to cycle. We offer skills and confidence sessions that will enable you to ride these cycles confidently and loans to provide you with more freedom to try these cycles independently.

What if my cycle needs repair/maintenance?

Our expert team routinely maintains our cycles; however, if an issue should arise while you are loaning the cycle, please get in touch with the local team, who will assist you.

Where can I find others using accessible cycles?

Our webpage provides details of clubs and groups using accessible cycles across the UK.

Will you provide an assistant to cycle with me?

No, initially, we won’t be able to provide a person to help ride with you, whether as a tandem pilot or a ride leader. As the programme develops, we will review what additional support is required or how we can better provide for our participants. If you require a person to help you to ride, please let us know in your sign-up form.

I’m receipt of a benefit which enables me to get a Motability vehicle, can I still take part?

Yes, the scheme is open to all. The funding is provided by the Motability Foundation, but this does not affect people who are in receipt of a vehicle from through Motability.

Is my cycle going to be electric?

Some cycles in our fleet are electric. We provide full instructions on how to use these cycles