Review: Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS bike computer

The Elemnt Roam GPS from Wahoo works well in wet weather, too
Cycling UK’s communications manager Sam Jones reviews this user-friendly GPS unit from Wahoo with great on-the-fly navigation

When my Garmin Edge Touring died, I asked friends and the internet for advice on a replacement. The Garmin had taken a long time to get to grips with but with understanding had come (grudging) acceptance. Should I get another? No, I was told: ditch Garmin, go Wahoo.

My needs for a bike computer are straightforward: clear navigation for both on and off-road multi-day international riding; long battery life; a clear, visible screen that I can read without my specs in all light conditions; how far/high/fast I am; and, what I used to think impossible, the ability to change the route easily on the go.

All signs pointed to the Elemnt Roam with its 2.7in display and 17-hour battery life. I’m suspicious of products that drop vowels to stand out, but put my misgivings aside and made the purchase. It took some soul searching: £300 is a lot of money to spend on a bike computer. Having used the Wahoo for more than a year, the financial sting has gone and only pleasant memories remain.

Elemnt Roam GPS

Unlike my old Garmin, you do need a modern smartphone with Bluetooth and the Wahoo app to get the most out of the computer. I’ve also linked it with my Komoot and RidewithGPS accounts, which means I can access all the routes I’ve designed, and even better adjust them on the fly. Setup was self-explanatory and took only minutes, and it’s been easy to use ever since. The display is fully customisable via the app, but the factory-set displays give you most things you need.

My first real ride – an off-road route in Sardinia – was a baptism of fire but it worked like a dream. At one point my route was barred by a gate my mapping software had failed to recognise. A few taps on my phone, a beep on the Wahoo, and I had a workaround.

Are Garmin’s days done? I doubt it, but Wahoo’s a contender I’m happy to stick with.


A game changer for tourers who want the security of GPS guidance and the flexibility for spur-of-the-moment changes to the itinerary. I’m glad I made the switch.

Other options

Garmin Edge 830 £299.99

Garmin Edge 830

More costly and not so user-friendly competitor to the Elemnt Roam, which relies less on carrying a smartphone and more on its own impressive computer.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS £264.99

Wahoo’s newest computer is smaller, cheaper, has less battery life but more memory than the Roam. Geared at roadies over tourers.

First published in Cycle magazine, August/September 2021 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Price: £299.99.
Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.3" x 0.7" (89mm x 54.4mm x 17.8 mm).
Display size: 2.7" (68.58mm).
Screen resolution: 240x400.
Weight: 94g.
Battery life: 17 hours.
Available from: Wahoo Fitness.

Pros & cons

+ Simple to use
+ Visible screen in all conditions
- Expensive