Top 10 Father’s Day presents for a cycling dad

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Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation to the dads in our lives. If your dad is passionate about cycling, gifting him something that aligns with his hobby will surely make his day

Here are the top 10 Father’s Day presents for a cycling dad, including a Cycling UK membership to ensure he gets the most out of his rides.

1. Cycling UK membership

A Cycling UK membership is an ideal gift that offers lots of benefits, such as third-party insurance, legal advice and discounts on cycling gear and services. It’s a valuable resource that ensures your dad can enjoy his rides safely and stay informed about the latest in the cycling world.

Throughout June we are also offering 20% of membership, so now is the perfect time to get membership for your dad.

2. High-quality bike helmet

If your dad chooses to wear a helmet, then he’ll no doubt appreciate a high-quality bike helmet. Brands like Giro, Bontrager and POC offer products with advanced features such as MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), aerodynamic designs and excellent ventilation.

A good helmet will enhance comfort and performance, making it a gift that shows you care about your dad’s overall cycling experience.

3. GPS bike computer

A GPS bike computer, such as the Garmin Edge or Wahoo ELEMNT, is a game-changer for cyclists.

These devices provide real-time data on speed, distance, elevation and heart rate, and they can also offer turn-by-turn navigation. With features like route planning, performance tracking and compatibility with various sensors, a GPS bike computer helps cyclists optimise their training and explore new routes confidently.


4. Clipless pedals and shoes

Upgrading to clipless pedals and compatible cycling shoes can significantly improve pedalling efficiency and power transfer. Brands like Shimano, Look and Speedplay offer a range of pedals and shoes designed for different types of riding.

This setup allows for a more secure connection to the bike, reducing the risk of slipping and enhancing overall control. It’s a thoughtful gift that can make a noticeable difference in your dad’s cycling performance.

5. Bike maintenance kit

A comprehensive bike maintenance kit is essential for keeping a bike in top condition. Kits typically include tools like tyre levers, multi-tools, chain breakers and cleaning supplies. Brands like Park Tool and Pedro’s offer high-quality kits that cater to various maintenance needs.

With this gift, your dad can easily handle repairs and regular maintenance, ensuring a smooth and safe ride every time.

6. Hydration pack

Staying hydrated is crucial, especially on long rides at this time of year. A hydration pack, such as those from CamelBak or Osprey, provides convenient access to water without needing to stop. These packs often come with additional storage for snacks, tools and other essentials.

They are designed to be comfortable and lightweight, making them perfect for endurance rides and bikepacking adventures.

7. Bike lights

High-quality bike lights enhance visibility and safety, which is particularly important for early morning or late evening rides. Front lights like the Bontrager Ion or Lezyne Macro Drive offer powerful illumination, while rear lights like the Garmin Varia provide visibility to drivers.

Many lights come with multiple modes and long battery life, ensuring that your dad can ride safely in all conditions.

8. Multi-tool

A compact multi-tool is a must-have for any cyclist, providing the ability to perform on-the-go repairs and adjustments. Tools like the Crankbrothers M19 or the Topeak Mini 20 Pro include various wrenches, screwdrivers and chain tools, all in a compact and portable design.

This practical gift ensures that your dad is prepared for any minor mechanical issues that might arise during a ride.

A person is using a chain tool to replace a bicycle chain

9. Cycling sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses are more than just a stylish accessory; they protect the eyes from UV rays, dust and debris. Brands like Oakley and Smith Optics offer glasses with features like polarised lenses, interchangeable lenses and anti-fog coatings.

These sunglasses enhance visibility and comfort, making them an excellent gift for any cycling dad.

10. Power meter

A power meter is a valuable tool for cyclists who are serious about improving their performance. Devices like the Stages Power Meter or the Garmin Vector measure the power output in real-time, providing accurate data that helps tailor training programmes.

With a power meter, your dad can monitor his progress, set training goals and achieve new personal bests.

These gifts are sure to delight any cycling enthusiast, helping them enjoy their passion even more. Whether it’s looking after their safety, enhancing their performance or making their rides more enjoyable, these presents are thoughtful ways to show you care.