Review: Compit+ smartphone holder

Compit bike mount
The Compit+ mount is rock solid and keeps your phone charged for all-day navigation
Rob Kingston tests a sturdy phone mount that’s also a power bank from bike accessories supplier SKS Germany

Like many cyclists, I use a smartphone to navigate rather than a dedicated GPS unit. This has two drawbacks: you need to make sure your phone is securely attached; and keeping the screen on can quickly drain the battery. The Compit+ system from SKS aims to solve both, with a solid mount that allows wireless charging on the move.

Compit+ consists of the handlebar mount, the phone case and the battery pack. The phone can sit vertically or horizontally, with a 45-degree twist to lock or unlock.

The neatest part is the optional ‘COM/UNIT’ battery pack, which fits between the mount and the phone. A similar size to a smartphone, this can also be mounted ‘portrait or landscape’, letting you put it at right angles to the phone so its LED charge indicator is visible. It provides wireless charging plus USB output.

There’s also a built-in NFC chip to automatically trigger actions (such as starting Strava) on a compatible Android phone.

Testing it on all-day rides, I was impressed. The mount felt rock solid on even the rockiest trails. The battery let me keep my phone screen on all the time to display the map. SKS claims that a full phone battery and full battery pack will give 10 hours of screen time; that may be optimistic as capacity is only 5,000 mAh.

Compit mount

I found a few niggles. My MTB stem is wider than the maximum 49mm that the handlebar mount, which clamps either side of it, is designed for. There was just enough flex to fit it. (A new stemcap mount is now available.)

While the battery is rainproof, there’s no weather protection for your phone – indeed, the case feels less protective than the Spigen case I normally use. The holes in the case are annoyingly small for everyday use, too. The Lightning port will only fit the skinniest of cables, and accessing the mute switch is awkward. So I wouldn’t use the phone case when not riding.


A rock-solid mount that keeps your phone topped up. A bigger battery capacity and a more protective case would be nice.

Other options

Quad Lock £45.95+

Quad Lock

Similarly solid vertical or horizontal locking system with a huge range of mounts for different activities: bike, car, motorbike, desk, armband, and so on.

Topeak ridecase& £44.99

Topeak Ridecase

Rugged phone case that attaches to a choice of stem-cap or handlebar mounts. Portrait or landscape mounting. Case includes flip-stand.

First published in Cycle magazine, December 20/January 21 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Compit+ smartphone holder £79.99 + £9.99 (phone case)