Top 10 Christmas stocking fillers for cyclists

A black e-bike is loaded up with wrapped presents on the front and rear racks. It's propped up in a snowy landscape.
Photo credit: Axel Brunst
Looking for cycling-themed gifts that fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking? We’ve come up with a top 10 list of practical gift ideas which will bring a smile to the face of any lover of cycling on Christmas morning!

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis means that stuffing stockings may not be high on your priority list this year. But if you’re still forging ahead with this festive activity, we’ve got some great stocking fillers for cyclists that won’t break the bank, or end up at landfill on Boxing Day. Ideal for the cyclist in your life – or just subtly leave this webpage open to be seen by your resident present buyer!

1 A Cycling UK gift membership £40

A membership to Cycling UK is perfect for the year-round cyclist. Members get access to 12 months of advice and information, as well as exclusive retail discounts from brands such as Freewheel, Cotswold Outdoors, VeloChampion and many more. They also receive complimentary third-party insurance.

It’s the full package, and we’re currently running 20% off our gift memberships, so you can get all the above for £40 for the year!

2 ABUS CombiFlex lock £21.99

The Combilock from ABUS is a handy gift for the café cyclist. Super lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket, this lock is great to have on hand to prevent those opportunistic grabs. It can be used to secure a helmet to the bike to stop it being quite so accessible, or even to secure your bike while indulging in your favourite coffee and pastry.

It won’t stop a proper theft attempt as the wire can be cut, but it could stop a spur of the moment snatch that spoils your ride. So if you know a fellow rider whose favourite route involves a caffeine break, they’ll love this stocking filler. As an added bonus, it can be used for luggage, or other items that are easily grabbed. A truly versatile gift!

3 Topeak Mini-20 Pro Multi-tool £28.03

This multi-tool just nudges in at under £30, and for the price it packs a lot in. Weighing just 150g, it won’t take up too much space while out and about, and its 23 functions will be sure to help any cyclist out of a scrape or two. Even if it’s just opening up that bottle of beer at the top of a climb…

It may just be the ideal stocking filler for the cyclist who’s constantly tweaking their bike on the side of the road.

4 Grand Tour coffee £8-£9 for a 250g bag of grounds or beans

Coffee is a favourite fuel for many cyclists, whether it’s that first cup in the morning before heading out for a day’s riding or that welcome warmth at a café somewhere along the route. So a great choice to pop in any coffee-loving cyclist’s stocking is a bag of Grand Tour coffee. There is a mix of blends, as well as options for ground or bean, and even better, Cycling UK members get 10% off!

5 Bicycle Maintenance Guide £3.99

Instead of trawling Reddit, YouTube or the depths of Google for elusive instructions, why not make it super easy? This app is available on iPhone or Android and will make all the difference if the cycling enthusiast in your life is forever tinkering with their bikes.

Access more than 7.5 hours of videos and guides from world-class bike mechanics, on the move or at home. The time saved alone is well worth this bargain price!

6 Outdoor Provisions Nut Butter Energy Snacks £9 for a sample pack

This sample pack of Outdoor Provisions nut butter snacks is an absolute must for anyone getting their on-the-ride boost from gels and sweets. As a savoury alternative packed full of slow-burning energy from good fats, it’s a great stocking filler option.

Grab a sample pack to try all the flavours, and you might just be tempted to order the 16-sachet box! Or, if you fancy splurging, opt for the starter pack for £16 which includes samples of the energy bars as well. Of course, it goes without saying that you might want to skip this one if there are any nut allergies in the household!

7 Chamois cream £15.50 for a tube

More for the long-distance riders than those of us who just pop out to the shops on our bikes, a top up of chamois cream is the ideal stocking filler for someone whose idea of fun is miles and miles in the saddle at the weekend.

Chamois Butt’r is an affordable but excellent brand, and will help prevent any kind of chafing or saddle sores. Available in tubes, or as handy sachets for bringing on the road, it’s a small but mighty gift!

8 Cycling UK guidebooks £14 each

If your loved one won’t stop going on about cycling the King Alfred’s Way or heading to the trails of North Wales, browse our range of guidebooks to sneak into their stocking.

Featuring suggested itineraries, all-important detailed maps, and stories from the locations on the way, each guide has got everything needed to finally make that cycling trip a reality. And even better, Cycling UK members get £2 off each guide!

Stolen Goat Broth Turing white socks

9 Stolen Goat socks £9-£15

People might joke about socks for Christmas, but let’s be honest, who really has enough pairs? Stolen Goat offers a wide range of cycling socks in different colours and styles.

Pick from pairs focusing on breathability and cooling, or the thermolite range to keep those tootsies warm on long winter rides. With a huge variety of colours and patterns, we’re sure there is something to brighten up any stocking! Cycling UK members receive 15% off at Stolen Goat.

10 Handlebar tape £16.99

It’s not glamorous, but it is useful. If you’re looking for stocking fillers for an avid road cyclist, handlebar tape will go down well. As one of the few contact points between rider and bike, it isn’t surprising that ’bars often show the most wear.

This quality, yet affordable, tape, can improve the comfort of a ride by providing grip, padding, and reducing vibrations from the road surface. As a bonus, it helps those ’bars look brand new.

We hope our selection of stocking fillers for cyclists has given you some inspiration this Christmas, and that it makes your recipients happy well into the New Year.