How to make a Christmas tree out of bike parts

Recycle used bike parts to make a lovely Christmas 'tree'
Take some old bike wheels, a rusty crank, some tinsel and Christmas baubles - and hey presto, you can make a lovely decoration for your home or office!

To make the tree, you will need:

  • a range of rims of different sizes
  • a crank or similar for the top
  • tinsel
  • decorations
  • strong parcel tape
  • a thin, strong stick eg bamboo
  • a waste paper bin for the base
  • wrapping paper
  • fairy lights if desired
  • ribbon or silver rope to tie it all together
  • gold or silver spray paint



  1. Stack the rims in order, smallest at the top, largest at the bottom (the hubs will need to be removed first). 
  2. Insert the stick so it goes all the way through with a length at the top and bottom.
  3. Space out the rims first, if desired, using old toilet roll holders or the insides of sticky tape rolls taped to the bamboo stick.
  4. Insert the stick so it goes all the way through with a spare length at the top and bottom.
  5. Tape an old crank or cog to the star end of the tree.
  6. Spray with gold or silver paint if desired.
  7. When dry, use ribbon or string to tie all the rims together for support and tape to the top of the stick. 
  8. Wrap tinsel around the bamboo stick to cover any tape or cardboard.
  9. Wrap tinsel in and around the rims.
  10. Decorate with fairy lights, baubles, other bike parts.
  11. Fill a bucket, waste paper bin or pot with bricks or other heavy objects.
  12. Cover the bin with sparkly paper to match your decorations. 
  13. Alternatively, you could use a stack of old tyres smaller than the bottom rim.
  14. Place the tree on the base.
  15. Stand back and admire your handy work!