Sustainable gifts for cyclists at Christmas

3 people walking with their bikes past Christmas lights © Joolze Dymond
If you’re aiming for a sustainable Christmas this year don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our guide to sustainable gifts for cyclists

While we’re doing all we can to create a better future for the planet by making cycling more accessible, we also love finding other areas to improve our impact on the planet. Join us by shopping more sustainably this Christmas and take a look at these eco-friendly Christmas gift options for this year.

Eco-friendly sunscreen £17.99

We know it’s the depths of winter, but it’s actually good practice to wear sunscreen all year round if you’re outdoors a lot. Either way, when it comes to the summer months and those forearms are out catching the rays, it’s best to make sure your favourite cyclist is well protected! This all-natural sunscreen is vegan, eco-friendly, and reef-safe if they fancy a dip in the sea.

Sustainability check:

  • Ethically sourced
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Plastic free
  • Marine and reef safe

Multipurpose towel made from 100% recycled materials £25-£29

Towels always come in handy. Whether it’s for de-mudding the dog, yourself or your kit, they’re always useful to have on hand!

If you’re looking for something practical as well as sustainable, why not go for a Dock & Bay large towel? It folds up into a neat bag too, so it’s easy to store away in the car or a bag, ready to be whipped out just when it’s needed most. We love that you can choose from large or extra large, too, to really get the most out of it!

Sustainability check:

  • At least 28 recycled plastic bottles have gone into each towel
  • Dock & Bay is a B Corp which means it, as a company, must adhere to certain rules
  • Suppliers are certified by the Global Recycled Standard

Cycling UK gift membership £50 (currently 20% off, taking it to £40!)

A membership to Cycling UK makes a fantastic gift for the avid cyclist who’s trying to make positive changes towards their carbon footprint. Instead of buying them something physical that might end up in landfill or have a nasty effect on the environment, opt for our digital subscription.

By being a member, they’ll get year-round access to helpful articles and advice, saving them time and money. They’ll also get complimentary third-party insurance for a year, as well as access to some exclusive member discounts from some of our favourite brands, plenty of whom are doing good work in the sustainability sector such as UPSO recycled bags!

Sustainability check:

  • Registered UK charity
  • Donating helps our main cause of making cycling accessible to everyone, promoting a more sustainable way to travel and reducing the impact on the planet
  • Gift is digital with a lower carbon footprint than sending items out by post

Attacus EVO Jersey (Available in both women’s and men’s styles) £60-£115

Attacus is a small British brand focused on making high-quality cycling gear with great values. The EVO jersey is made from yarns that have been manufactured from post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles, food packaging and other items that end up in recycling bins.

The company has worked hard with its manufacturers in Italy to create a premium fabric from 100% recycled sources. As well as its carbon footprint and premium styling, it’s more than fit to function with the fabric being breathable and sweat wicking, a shortened zip for riding comfort, and several useful pockets.

Sustainability check:

  • Fair Wear Certified – which means the clothing is made in vetted factories that meet the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights standards
  • Committed to increasing the usage of recycled materials in clothing production, and many of the fabrics are now made from recycled post-consumer waste
  • UK based
  • Paper packaging
  • Limited runs to prevent overstocking
Woman cycling while wearing Attacus onyx black evo jersey © Attacus

Schwalbe Green Marathon Tyres £24.83

Tyres aren’t perhaps the first thing you think of when buying your Christmas presents, but if the keen cyclist in your life is passionate about the environment, they’ll no doubt be aware of the impacts of rubber on the environment.

Schwalbe is right there with them and has set out to create one of the best eco-friendly tyres out there. Available in different sizes for hybrid disciplines, if it’s a match for their bike, they’ll love being a part of the future!

Sustainability check:

  • Saves around 34% of CO2 compared to the original model
  • Produced entirely from Fair Rubber
  • Consists of 70% recycled or renewable materials
  • Includes carbon black from recycled bicycle tyres (rCB)

Bottle cleaning tablets £15

At first glance, you might think these are out of place on this list – but hear us out. Everyone’s got a reusable water bottle or two, now, haven’t they?

It’s a must have for long rides out at the weekend. But why not extend the life of your cyclist’s bottles by gifting them these handy cleaning tablets?

By ensuring their water bottle is stain-and-odour free, they’ll be able to use it for far longer and be less tempted to buy a new one, negating the effect of buying a reusable one in the first place. Even better, Memobottle has ensured these tablets have as little ecological impact as possible.

Sustainability check:

  • Plant-based active ingredients
  • Ammonia, chlorine, and phosphate free
  • Environmentally safe and not harmful to aquatic environments

Upcycled chain link earrings £19

If you’re shopping for sustainable Christmas gifts for cyclists and the person you’re buying for happens to have pierced ears, then we’ve found the perfect match.

Go for something truly unique with these earrings made from salvaged chain links. Created by an artist in Nottingham, the spacers are rescued from local bike repair shops and given a new life as a very special jewellery set.

Sustainability check:

  • UK based
  • Independent artist
  • 90% recycled materials

Donate a bicycle £22

If that special someone in your life is mad about bikes, what better way to celebrate their passion than to gift a bike to someone desperately in need? With Concern Worldwide you can donate a bike, transforming lives.

Two wheels can go a long way to giving someone living in extreme poverty independence to transport themselves and any goods they might need to sell or buy if they live in remote areas. It could also give a child a new way to get to school.

Sustainability check:

  • A registered charity, with the mission of transporting the lives of those in extreme poverty
  • A worldwide organisation with excellent scores on charity review sites
  • Fully certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard

SunGod sunglasses £70-£140+

Every cyclist needs a reliable pair of sunglasses for daily use as well as for time spent doing their favourite sport.

SunGod is committed to its sustainability journey and offer the Infinite™ 100% recycled frame collection as well as ground-breaking lenses made from 50% recycled material. Not only are their credentials great, they are stylish, too!

Choose from the lifestyle pairs, or splash out on prescription sunglasses, or even better, check out the sports range to find the perfect pair for the avid cyclist in your life.

Sustainability check:

  • SunGod are a B Corp, which means the company must adhere to certain rules
  • Lifetime guarantee – free repairs to avoid them ending up on landfill
  • Packaging from recycled materials
  • 1% of revenue donated each year to sustainability non-profits

The Natural Gift Company Lather Gift Set £23

The nature of cycling in the UK sadly means getting very used to mud and dirt. So for those endless showers, especially during the winter, why not treat someone with this sustainable gift set?

For travel or for daily use, it includes an organic waffle washcloth and a scented soap on a rope, both eco friendly and sustainable. Choose from different scents for the soap to find the one that suits the recipient the most!

Sustainability check:

  • Natural and sustainable materials
  • UK-sourced where possible. Products from overseas are from audited factories and made from certified materials
  • Fully recyclable packaging and nearly always plastic free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Working towards Real Living Wage accreditation

PrityGrity Core Socks £10

When you throw out a pair of socks that have finally worn through, it’s nice to replace them with something a little more eco friendly. These Core Socks from Grity can help the recipient do exactly that and build up their sustainable basics.

Grity sources its socks from an ethical local supplier – one, in fact, that is based on one of the company’s favourite cycling routes, which is a lovely touch!

On top of their eco-friendly credentials, they’re also really comfortable and are made with care, with flat linked toe seams and arch support.

Sustainability check:

  • UK based
  • Use recycled plastic to create a polyester yarn, and work with suppliers to source ethical yarn
  • Local suppliers where possible

Alpkit Koulin Trail Long Sleeve Base Layer £29.99

Base layers are always useful – whether worn for running, hiking, or out on the bike. The Koulin combines 100% recycled polyester fabric with a functional design – including flatlock seams for comfort and mesh panels for heat and moisture release.

We also love the Polygiene® Stay Fresh technology used in the clothing – meaning you can wear it for longer without washing. Perfect for those multi-day bikepacking adventures!

If your tee or other Alpkit clothing item sustains damage, you can pop it along to one of the Repair Stations in the stores and the team will repair it to ensure its longevity.

Sustainability check:

  • UK based
  • Carbon neutral
  • Living wage foundation employer
  • Certified B Corp, which means they must adhere to certain rules and guidelines
  • Donate 10% of profit and 1% of all sales to direct action grassroots projects that help people get outside
  • Repair Stations: Alpkit encourage bringing the gear to repair if it fails, extending the longevity and reducing the footprint of the products
  • Use lower impact materials and production processes – recycled and/or environmentally certified materials

Need a last-minute Christmas gift?

A Cycling UK gift membership is guaranteed to bring smiles on Christmas morning. It’s the perfect present under the tree and there is something for everyone to enjoy all year round.

Order as late as Christmas Eve and your lucky recipient will receive a welcome email with discount codes to snap up bargains in the Boxing Day sales.