Six of the best Halloween costumes for cyclists

How to dress up you and your bike this Halloween
Picture of a bike with pumpkins on it
Picture of a bike with pumpkins on it

Six of the best Halloween costumes for cyclists

Halloween is almost upon us, in fact, it’s on Wednesday!

By now you’re probably already thinking about your costume, but, there is that big question, how do I fit something around my bike? What does a cyclist wear to a Halloween party?

We’ve been looking at some bizarre and amusing costumes to inspire you and have found these six great Halloween ideas for cyclists.

1. The do-it yourself ghost riders 

The ghost rider costume: These are easy to do costumes and very effective visually. All you need is a clean white sheet, your bike, great wrapping skills and a windless night. If you’re feeling super creative you could also turn this one into a mummy costume too.

Just make sure those eye holes are big enough and won’t obstruct your vision and your sheet isn't too long, otherwise you'll be the ghost!

Ghost costume

2. The let’s go all and out and transform a bike into a coffin

The zombie emerging from a coffin costume. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands why not look at adapting a coffin into a bike and then completing your creation with a striking zombie mask and suit. We think this would take some serious work … but just think, your new coffin bike could be used all year round.

A bike like this also isn’t going to be so attractive to thieves, so if you don’t have the time to make these changes, check out our advice on how to lock your bike securely.

Zombie emerging from a coffin bike

3. Witchy goings on

Why not put a spin on the classic witch and warlock costume and turn your bike into a broom? Witches on bikes look very striking and we especially like this pair with their large hats – though you might need a chin strap to keep them on when you get going! 

Witches costume

4. The horse-lovers costume

It’s not uncommon for some people to refer to their beloved wheels as their steed, and this takes suggestion takes it to the next level! If you’re a cyclist and a horse rider, then this is your perfect pairing. However, it may take some time to build so we’d recommend starting now! AND we’d add a little zombie mask to make this the perfect horsey Halloween outfit. Here is some helpful advice from Cycling UK and the British Horse Society if you meet a horse whilst cycling in real life. 

Horse bike photo

5. The human body in lycra

Did you have to look twice? We did! Why not consider getting your muscles in lycra? Again, if your time poor, then this is an idea rich costume and you will certainly be catching people’s attention.

Man in lycra halloween costume

6. Wake the dead outfits

The wake the dead costume. If you’ve got skills with white face paint, then this is another easy one to pull off. If you’re feeling ambitious and are going to paint a skeleton onto your black outfit, try and use some reflective paint particularly on areas likely to move like your legs and arms, as this can help you be more visible to other road users. Otherwise, just get a brush, your bike and off you go! 

Halloween wake the dead costume

If you're out and about riding your bike at night, don't forget to put your lights on

Spooky cycle rides 

We've also got this spooky ride on this Halloween: Dartmoor Devil

Happy Halloween!

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