Six ways to dress up your bike for Halloween

Picture of a bike with pumpkins on it
Get your bike ready for a spooky Halloween
Halloween is on its way and your bike doesn’t have to be left out of the fun! Get inspired with our look at six Halloween ideas for cyclists

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to spooky goings-on, with shops full to bursting with costumes and pumpkins alike. You might have already seen some houses festooned with spiderwebs, ghostly lights or similar. Yes, Halloween is coming!

If you’re in the mood to dress up, you might be wondering how to include your bike. We’ve found some ideas to inspire you – some are bizarre, some are amusing, some are easy and some are major projects. But all guarantee to attract lots of attention as you go cruising through the streets or arrive at a party. 

Happy Halloween!

1 The do-it-yourself ghost riders

The ghost rider costume is the easiest to achieve but is very effective visually. All you need is a clean white sheet, your bike, great wrapping skills and a windless night. If you’re feeling super creative, you could also turn this one into a mummy costume.

Just make sure the eye holes are big enough to avoid obstructing your vision and your sheet isn't too long, otherwise you may end up being the ghost! And of course, if you’re riding at night for maximum spooky effect, don’t forget your lights.

If you’re not already a member of Cycling UK, now is a great time to join, as in addition to the other amazing benefits, you’ll receive a free Cateye AMPP 200 Orb rechargeable light set, which is perfect for keeping you visible in street-lit areas.

Ghost costume

2 Witchy goings on

Why not put a spin on the classic witch and warlock costume and turn your bike into a broom? Witches on bikes look very striking and we especially like this pair with their large hats – although you might need a chin strap to keep them on when you get going!

Witches costume

3 The horse-lovers’ costume

Love cycling and horse riding? Then this is your perfect pairing. However, it may take some time to build so we’d recommend starting now! AND we’d add a little zombie mask to make this the perfect horsey Halloween outfit.

Here is some helpful advice from Cycling UK and the British Horse Society if you meet a real-life horse while out cycling.

Horse bike photo

4 The human body in Lycra

Did you have to look twice? We did! Why not consider showing off your ‘muscles’ in this skinsuit? If you’re time poor, then this is an idea-rich costume, and you will certainly attract attention.

Man in lycra halloween costume

5 Wake the dead outfits

If you’ve got skills with white face paint, then this is another easy one to pull off. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to paint a skeleton onto a black outfit, use some reflective paint on legs and arms for extra visibility in the dark. Otherwise, just get a brush, your bike and off you go!

Halloween wake the dead costume

6 The zombie coffin bike

And finally, if you’ve got plenty of time on your hands and some impressive DIY skills, why not consider tranforming a coffin into a bike? Top it off with a striking zombie mask and suit for maximum effect.

As well as turning heads, this wheeled contraption will certainly be less attractive to thieves, although for those of us with slightly more ordinary bikes, check out Cycling UK’s advice on locking your bike securely.

Zombie emerging from a coffin bike