Review: Women’s Cinder Kinetic Waterproof Jacket

Cycling UK’s Jo Clark tests the new off-road and gravel waterproof cycling jacket made by outdoor company Rab

Women’s Cinder Kinetic Waterproof Jacket £220 (Available in size 8-16 and three colours: marmalade, orion blue, patriot blue)

Founded by Scottish mountaineer Rab Carrington, British outdoor company Rab produces arguably some of the best quality and hard-wearing clothing. The new Cinder collection is aimed at off-road riders and designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in even the toughest conditions.

Available in three colours, I tested the Women’s Cinder Kinetic Waterproof Jacket at Glentress in the Scottish Borders.

I usually pause after a few miles of pedalling uphill to remove layers and stuff them in a bag. However as I climbed, I noticed how light and breathable the fabric is, so I kept it on for both the ascent and descent.

As I dipped in and out of the forest during a downpour, the over-helmet hood protected me from rainwater, wind and most importantly midges when I stood still. Compared to other riding jackets I’ve worn, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sleeves on this one are long enough to cover my hands and protect them from the elements.

It’s made with soft PROFLEX fabric which is stretchy and non-restrictive, the perfect combination for getting out of the saddle and moving around. The silicone grip on the dropped rear hem stops it from rising up and causing discomfort.

Jo stands at the top off a trail and looks at a map as she wears the Rab Cinder Kinetic waterproof pants and jacket

My phone fitted perfectly in the front chest pocket, and the expandable pocket at the back is easy to reach, making it perfect for snacks, particularly Jelly Babies, and energy gels.

I’ve since worn it for short pedals along cycle paths with an extra thin layer underneath and it’s kept me warm and dry through spring.

So far I’ve fallen off a couple of times while wearing this jacket, and each time both of us have come out the other end unscathed. I’ve also washed it a couple of times in a cool wash and it’s still as waterproof as it was the first time I wore it.

Another thing I like about this jacket is that it’s made with recycled fabric. In 2021 63% of Rab’s purchased fabric was made using recycled content, which lowers the carbon footprint.

Good quality comes at a price, which in this case is £220. It’s a lot of money for a jacket, but if it can withstand rugged terrain and challenging weather conditions for a number of years I think it’s worth it.

Woman models Rab Cinder Kinetic waterproof jacket in orion blue

Read Sam Jones’s review of the men’s version of this jacket in the June/July 2023 issue of Cycle magazine.

Other options

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Rapha £145 at the time of writing. 

Rapha Women’s Trail Lightweight Jacket in black

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