Peter Jeans - Winner

Volunteer Awards 2018
Peter Jeans - Photo by Carol Sworn
Peter Jeans is 2018's winner in the Exceptional Individual - Community Project category for Cycling UK's Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Peter has volunteered at Alice Holt inclusive cycling centre in Farnham, Surrey, for well over ten years. He attends the session every Thursday and gets the bikes out in all weathers - rain, shine and occasional snow - and puts them all back again at the end of the day, with a smile and cheery word for everyone.

Over the years, Peter has built up a team of six volunteers to help with the servicing and cleaning of the bikes, but in the past he has had to do this on his own.

He has become invaluable to the project’s smooth running, and Cycling UK are very pleased to recognise his care for the needs of disabled cyclists.

Peter receiving his award

Peter said: “I felt honoured that my friends at Alice Holt had thought enough of me to put my name forward in the first place. Having been presented with the award I tried to say ‘thank you’ and tell the audience why I like working with our disabled clients, but emotion got in the way so I was only able to tell them how much our clients loved cycling in the forest.

“I work with a wonderful team of friends and we are able to use our adapted bikes to give people who are less fortunate than ourselves the pleasure, thrill and fun of cycling in a safe and pleasant environment.

“There is nothing more satisfying than to see them enjoying themselves and to get to know them as individuals, laughing and singing some of their favourite songs with them. It really is a pleasure for us as volunteers and the feedback we get keeps us doing it week in and week out.”

Cycling UK's Volunteer of the Year Awards are given annually to recognise and celebrate all the incredible work volunteers do to encourage others to start cycling and keep cycling.