Make your own bike wheel sun-catcher for Bike Week

Get your kids involved in celebrating Bike Week by creating a bike wheel sun-catcher to hang in your home or garden

You will need

2 x paper plates

1 x glue stick

Mixed coloured celophane

String or pipe cleaner

A pair of scissors

Adult supervision


  1. Fold a paper plate in half, then half again, then half again, then again. If the paper plate is too thick, try folding it three times instead. The more folds you make, the more spokes you’ll have in your wheel at the end.
  2. Ask your adult to cut a wedge out of the folded paper plate, along the folded line – this will create the holes for the coloured celophane.
  3. Recycle the wedge you’ve just cut out.
  4. Carefully unfold the paper plate to reveal the spokes.
  5. Repeat steps one to four on another paper plate.
  6. Ask your adult to help you cut out some different coloured cellophane triangles.
  7. Glue each coloured triangle onto one side of a paper plate to cover one hole.
  8. Repeat steps six and seven for each hole on the wheel.
  9. Lay a loop of string or a pipe cleaner at the top of one of the paper plates.
  10. Spread some glue along the outside rim of the wheel, as well as on the base of the string or pipe cleaner, and along the spokes.
  11. Take the second wheel, line up the spokes with the first wheel, then firmly press down so that they stick together.
  12. Hang your sun-catcher in your window, or in a tree in the garden and admire the pretty colours made by the sun!

Take a photo with your suncatcher and tag Cycling UK on social media by using the hashtag #BikeWeekUK