Chase the Sun Bingo

With midsummer here already, the team behind Chase the Sun have devised a unique challenge to help you make the most of the longest days of the year.

Chase the Sun is a well known annual event that sees thousands of riders take part. The challenge; cycle coast to coast, East to West, departing at sunrise and arriving before sunset.

With the 2020 event postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic - but determined not to let that get in the way - the event's organisers have put together an alternative challenge to help you make the most of the longest day of the year.

Taking inspiration from the landmarks found on the southern UK route, the team have created the Chase the Sun Bingo card.

Open to all, the challenge is simple; plan and ride a route taking in as many of the landmarks as possible.

Download your bingo card here and get planning! This challenge is perfect for individuals, families or small groups but please remember to observe the relevant guidelines and social distancing rules for your area.

You can find more information on cycling during the outbreak here.

Chase the Sun Bingo is an alternative navigational, motivational and physical cycling challenge, to explore on the longest day via two wheels. Hope you enjoy!

Olly - Chase the Sun founder

You have complete creative interpretation when choosing your landmarks, and the route can be as long or short as you wish.

You don't have to tick off all the boxes - after all the pleasure's in the journey.

We want to hear how you get on! Don't forget to share a photo of your ride online, tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, using the hashtag #ChasetheSunCycle, and tell us your favourite moment.

The next Chase the Sun events will be back in 2021, taking place on Saturday the 19th of June. Visit the Chase the Sun for more information.