The benefits of volunteering in cycling

Here at Cycling UK we have almost 7000 volunteers across four nations supporting our mission to get a million more people cycling. From learning new skills to improving your health, there are plenty of reasons to get involved as we celebrate this year's Volunteers' Week starting on Wednesday 1 June

Improve your mental and physical health

It should come as no surprise that carrying out voluntary work on behalf of a good cause boosts overall feelings of satisfaction and self-worth. In fact, in a study conducted on behalf of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), 77% of people said their mental health improved by volunteering.

53% of respondents also said their physical health had improved. With riding a bike such an excellent way to keep fit, volunteering with Cycling UK will keep you in tip-top shape both mentally and physically.

As well as improving your health, volunteering with Cycling UK means you can also help boost the health of those around you. By breaking down the barriers to cycling, you'll help others get active, improve their overall wellbeing, and stay healthy.

Help to get a million people cycling

Cycling UK's mission is to get a million more people cycling, and we couldn't do it without the support of our amazing volunteers. Our volunteer network provides a value of nearly £2.5 million to the organisation! This massive contribution from thousands of volunteers is vital to furthering our charitable vision. 

Learn new skills and gain experience

Volunteering is also an excellent way of learning new skills and gaining experience. Despite not being paid, the attributes needed to carry out most volunteer roles are far from simple: they vary from campaigning and project planning to expertise in communications and managing teams. There's no better way to cement these new-found abilities than by putting them into practice in the real world. 

Hands-on experience is also perfect for impressing potential employers. Not in the job market? Learning new things keeps you mentally fresh and builds self-confidence, whether you are retired, on a career break or simply have a bit of spare time on your hands.


Let's not forget, one of the main reasons most people volunteer, is it's fun! Volunteering with Cycling UK is the best excuse to get out on your bike and see more of the world. By helping others to do so too, you'll also gain a new sense of purpose. When you join our community of almost seven thousand volunteers, you'll be sure to make new friends and feel at home as part of the movement that is making the world better by bike.

Get involved

Find out about our latest volunteering opportunities by searching near your postcode or town. From admin support in the Shetlands to Facebook moderators for the Great North Trail to local Cycle Advocacy Network campaigners, there's almost certainly a role to suit the time and energy you have available to commit.