Trails for Wales

Becky and Kylie starting Hope Mountain bridleway
Becky and Kylie starting Hope Mountain bridleway

Trails for Wales

Cycling UK's campaign Trails for Wales is helping to improve access for off-road cycling in Wales.
There’s nothing like heading off-road with your family, friends or even alone and exploring the traffic-free countryside. That's about to become possible on thousands more trails across Wales, following a joint campaign by Cycling UK and OpenMTB.

Over four years the Welsh Government received more than 12,000 emails calling for increased access to the countryside, and they listened - in April 2019 proposals were announced which will open up many more opportunities for exploring the outdoors. 

We want to show our appreciation to the Welsh Government for this landmark decision - you can add your voice by writing to the Minister to support the changes.


A huge thank you to everyone who took part in Trails for Wales - because of you, millions of people will be able to discover more of the Welsh countryside by bike.



It’s been four years in the making, but the Welsh Government has announced that it will make changes to public access , creating an assumption of access rights to give cyclists and horse riders many more opportunities to enjoy the countryside. Trails for Wales supporters across the UK are writing to the Welsh Government to say thank you for this historic decision.

Cycling UK started campaigning for this back in 2015 along with OpenMTB, and was one of the founding organisations of Open Access Wales that continued campaigning for access in 2017. Open Access Wales was formed of outdoor focussed organisations including Ramblers and the British Horse Society – proving that whether you love walking, horse riding, climbing, canoeing or riding a bike, we can all unite behind a common goal.

These proposals, when implemented, could be the most significant changes to rights of way legislation since Scotland’s Land Reform Act in 2003. It’s a great day for Wales and lovers of the outdoors that they have listened.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK Head of Campaigns

Cycling UK has championed off-road cycling for over half a century. We won the right to cycle on bridleways back in 1948, influenced ground-breaking legislation that effectively gives you the right to roam by bike in Scotland and ensured that public access was included in the criteria for future agricultural payments in a post-Brexit England.

We can only do this thanks to the support of our 68,000 members. We have big plans for off-road cycling across the rest of the UK - but we need your help. 

If you want to play a part in helping more people discover the joy of cycling in our forests, glens and moors, then join Cycling UK today. We'd love to have you along for the ride!