Cycle Magazine, February / March 2014

In this issue: CTC members' survey said... Bike fitting, Wessex three-day cyclo-sportive, Cycle touring in the Hebrides, Carbon road bikes with mudguards, Oxford Bike Works Model 1 for the ladies, Rigid MTB forks, Brussels to the Black Sea...

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Contents 280.13 KB
News - Positive signals; £30K for Fill That Hole; Ready, Sheddy, Go; CTC champions adapted cycles; Stop right there!; Seeing sense 690.26 KB
News - Team up for new MTB tour; Hebrides tour after AGM; London Bike Show returns; Tour de France Festival 507.1 KB
Our survey said... - Almost 2,500 of you put finger to keyboard to tell us about yourself, your cycling habits, and your views on CTC in our 2013 member online survey. Here's what you said 398.35 KB
Gear up - Race Face narrow wide 30T chainring; CTC Perfomance lightweight training jacket; Revolights; Bikeconsole Iphone 4 bike mount; Biologic Fixkit; Magnic lights; Redwood Clyclemate 487.29 KB
Letters 287.17 KB
My bike - 1894 Crypto Bantam 262.21 KB
CTC & Me - The Tour Leader 249.37 KB
Great rides - Brussels to the Black Sea 861.4 KB
Fitting the bill? - A professional bike fit costs around £100. What do you get for you money and is it worth it? Editor Dan Joyce tries three to decide 1.42 MB
Great rides - Hardriders' Wessex 603.19 KB
Taking the lead - CTC's new Club Leader course trains cyclists to run group rides that are enjoyable and safe. Instructor Greg Woodford describes what's involved 868.68 KB
Great rides - Easter Islands 638.37 KB
Practical cycle-proofing - Cycle-proofing is about fixing the problems of the road network, particularly those routes that carry lots of traffic. CTC Campaigns Officer Chris Peck explains 628.31 KB
Q&A - Mudguard size; Which new steel?; Chafing gear cables; Living with a hernia; Expensive justice? 676.26 KB
Bike test - Carbon originals 575.78 KB
Bike test - Oxford Bike Works Model 1 558 KB
Group test - Rigid MTB forks 323.96 KB
Benefits & special offers for CTC members - Member benefits 166.02 KB
Travellers' tales - Thailand, Laos & Myanmar; Riding the Rallervegen 433.49 KB