Cycle Magazine, December / January 2015

In this issue: Play on Pedals, Ideas for Xmas, Gear, Mark Colbourne MBE, Walney to Wear in Winter, Riding the Rails, Cargo Bikes, Balance Bikes, Pyrenees on a Chopper...

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Cover 501.8 KB
Contents 284.42 KB
The big picture - Play the pedals 482.79 KB
From CTC's Chief Exec - On the up and up 248.96 KB
News - CTC Councillor John Radford passes away 180.56 KB
News - CTC's Big Bike Revival 222.83 KB
News - Pedalling promises 185.59 KB
News - Money talks 136.03 KB
Shop window: Ideas for Xmas - Santa on a bicycle; PDW The Bird Cage; The Road Headed West by Leon McCarron; Pro Cycling Manager 2014; M:Part torque wrench; Cateye Padrone; Cafe du Cucliste Lou Lou neck warmer; CTC gift membership 388.07 KB
Showtime: Eurobike 2014 - Fly6 Mk2; Guee G-mount; Cannondale Synapse Alu disc; Canyon U10 urban bike; Giro winter boot; Tout Terrain Tanami Explore; Fuji Touring; Van Nicholas divisible drop bar; Velotraum Pilger 655.21 KB
Gear up - Osloh Lane jeans; Swrve Regular Fit jeans; Maia RX1000 Li-ion front light; Biologic Cipher gloves; Upstanding Bicycle Co. Upstand; Stique Multilever 555.15 KB
Letters 253.18 KB
CTC & Me - Mark Colbourne MBE 185.77 KB
My bike - Maria Leijerstam's Polar Cycle 334.96 KB
Great rides - Walney to Wear in winter 668.33 KB
Roads were not built for cars - It was cyclists not motorists who first fought for properly surfaced roads, as this abridged extract from Carlton Reid's new book makes clear 1.16 MB
Riding the rails - In mainland Europe, long-distance train travel with a bike isn't just possible, it's practical, as CTC member Robin Bevis and friend John showed this summer 1.01 MB
Great rides - Arabian delights 518.74 KB
Q&A - Cyclist's cough; Cheap compact doubles?; Look out Keo!; Parking in bike lanes; Stripped bottom-bracket 443.04 KB
Bike test - Cargo bikes 721.39 KB
Bike test - Pinnacle Dolomite 3 199.3 KB
Group test - Balance bikes 447.7 KB
Benefits & special offers for CTC members - Member benefits 254.3 KB
How to get in touch with CTC - Contacts 161.26 KB
Traveller's tales - To Mont Saint-Michel; Pyrenees on a Chopper 517.62 KB