Pedal-Powered Planning

As the planning system is reformed, we need MPs to wake up to the importance that new developments enable active travel choices. Cycling UK, alongside MPs and partner organisations, are proposing core amendments making cycling & walking infrastructure and rights of way improvements fundamental to development plans, and ensure local authorities are bound to make this happen
Support our amendments to the Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill

As planning system is reformed under the Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill, Cycling UK, alongside MPs, are proposing amendments to achieve a planning system which:

  • Support the climate - ensuring planning decisions are consistent with the Government’s Net Zero targets
  • Optimise health and well-being - enabling people to breathe clean air, be active and have good access to nature
  • Prioritise cycling and walking - making active travel infrastructure and rights of way improvements fundamental to development plans

See the proposed amendments in full and write to your MP using our online action, asking that they support these amendments to The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.

Cartoon showing the connotations of planning decisions and transport choice
Why campaign for better planning?

The UK is amidst a house-building boom. However, most new developments are designing for car dependency and planning for poor health.

What we're building is as many car parks as we are homes, embedding lifestyles in which we are forced to drive everywhere, with congestion, road danger and physical inactivity rife across our communities.

This crisis is not the fault of homeowners, but the nature of flawed legislation. The absence of a robust planning system has repeatedly failed to incentivise developers to provide basic active travel infrastructure in new estates. But this can change.

At Cycling UK, we're calling for Pedal-Powered Planning, to place people at the heart of the planning system and enable walking and cycling for everyday journeys. People deserve to buy a house in an area where they have choice - we need future developments to allow residents to walk, cycle and drive.