Cycling UK Incident Line Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Cycling UK’s Incident Line, included with qualifying memberships

Free cycling related legal advice via the Cycling UK’s Incident Line is run by Cycle SOS.

Please note that individual affiliated members, trial and six-month memberships will need to upgrade to full membership to access this service.

Any claim for compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), in relation to an accident involving an uninsured or untraced driver, will be handled under a separate Contingency Fee Agreement and deductions will be made from any compensation.

What is not covered?

Cycle SOS lawyers are unable to support legal action under the following circumstances:

  • Ordinarily, we are unable to cover claims against another Cycling UK member, if there is likely to be conflict . However, in some circumstances, we may be able to offer some flexibility here. Please refer to us for details.
  • Where a conflict of interest exists between a member and Cycling UK e.g. where a claim may be against an organiser or official of a Cycling UK registered event, or with Cycle SOS (if they are acting for the Defendant in another unrelated matter).
  • Where membership was not current at the time of the incident.
  • Where the incident takes place in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Cycle-SOS has partner firms in both jurisdictions to whom the enquiry will be passed. Identical terms are available in Scotland; in Northern Ireland any variations will be explained in the first appointment.

What is involved?

Cycle SOS’s Cycling UK Incident Line is a benefit provided to qualifying members. Cycle SOS will assess whether there are reasonable prospects of succeeding with a legal action against a third party. If they are satisfied that there are reasonable prospects of success a claim can be pursued on your behalf.

Whilst Cycling UK reserves the right to withdraw cover at any time, the following is a list of situations in which cover may typically be withdrawn:

  • There are no longer reasonable prospects of succeeding in your claim.
  • You have failed to instruct, co-operate or agree to prosecute your claim for compensation.
  • You have not adhered to the advice given.
  • You have sought to deliberately mislead either Cycling UK or Cycle SOS.
  • You have given information or evidence which you know to be incorrect or misleading or that you have acted in a way which could be regarded as fraudulent or dishonest.

In successful claims there will be no costs deduction from members’ compensation. In Northern Ireland a member may elect to incur a £250 charge payable only in the event of the claim succeeding.

Usually when claims are successful, the member will recover all their legal costs from the other party. In unsuccessful cases, Cycling UK will continue to cover all of a member’s costs and the full terms of the indemnity will be provided when you register your claim.

As a rule, the statutory time limit for bringing a claim for damages for personal injuries is three years from the date of the incident and for cases involving property damage only, the limit is six years.

If you have a cycling incident abroad Cycle SOS may still be able to provide legal assistance and advice regarding your claim’s prospects of success.