Our statement on the proposal to roll back the 20mph limit in Wales

Cycling UK staff member Gwenda Owen cycling on a 20mph road in Cardiff
Ministers must hold their nerve on 20mph, urges Cycling UK

In reaction to the proposal to roll back the 20mph limit in built-up areas in Wales, our Wales advocacy and development lead, Gwenda Owen said:

"The Welsh Government’s own survey showed that four out of five adults in Wales would support a 20mph speed limit in their neighbourhoods. Clearly the vast majority of people recognise slower speeds are good for communities, the environment and the wellbeing of children. It’s also the right move to increase the appeal of healthier alternatives to driving.

"Lower speeds save lives, and 20mph is a reasonable expectation where people live, work and play, not just outside schools and hospitals. The reality is, children, older people and other vulnerable groups aren’t tethered to single stretches of road outside schools and hospitals. If we enable more people to travel by bike and foot, they need to feel safe doing so. Lower speed limits are an important part of creating towns and cities where people have real choices in the way they travel.

"Local authorities are able to make exceptions to the default 20mph in line with set criteria. However, we recognise that there have been differences in the way some councils have applied the criteria and welcome the review of the guidance.

"The Welsh Government did the right thing, rather than the easy thing, in introducing the 20mph default, and we’re urging Ministers to hold their nerve for the good of Welsh communities."