Welsh Government commits to keep the 20mph default speed limit

Entering 20MPH limit on Pilcorn Street-J.Hannan-Briggs-Wikimedia Commonslr.jpg
Lower speeds save lives, and 20mph is a reasonable expectation where people live, work and play, not just outside schools and hospitals

In reaction to the updated news that the Welsh Government intend to keep the 20mph law in place and provide more guidance to local authorities to make changes to some roads, our Wales advocacy and development lead, Gwenda Owen said:

"We welcome the announcement from Ken Skates MS, Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport, that confirms that the Welsh Government is not proposing to change the 20mph law. We are also supportive of the Government’s aim to work more closely with local authorities and the public to make small changes where necessary.

"In its review of the implementation of the 20mph policy, we urge the Welsh Government to remember that four out of five adults in Wales would support a 20mph speed limit in their neighbourhoods – as per its own survey.

"It’s vital that we listen to the public on issues that matter to them, and implement policy decisions based on evidence that will improve our environment and the safety of communities across Wales. At Cycling UK, the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is of the utmost importance to us."