Just one month left to celebrate your women cycling heroes

A big group of women is cycling on a tree-lined cycle path. They are wearing normal clothes and on a mix of bikes. They are smiling and chatting
Nominate your cycling heroes for 100 Women in Cycling 2024
We are asking you to name the inspirational women in your life who promote cycling and encourage others to cycle for Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling 2024 awards. Be quick though, as nominations must close on Sunday 30 June

For the eighth year running, Cycling UK is asking you to nominate your bike heroes for our prestigious 100 Women in Cycling 2024 awards. Nomination close in a month on 30 June, so get nominating now – and remember that you can highlight as many inspirational women as you want.

The initiative celebrates the extraordinary contributions of women from all walks of life who are shaping the future of cycling and addressing the gender imbalance by empowering others. Previous winners include Maxine Peake, actress, director and writer, a keen cyclist who wrote a play about legend Beryl Burton; Gail Porter, TV presenter, mental-health advocate and champion of cycling; and Dame Sarah Storey DBE, British Paralympic athlete and multiple gold medallist in the Paralympic Games.

From urban streets to remote trails, these remarkable women are making cycling more accessible and inclusive. Whether pioneering community schemes, driving industry innovation, igniting social change or conquering podiums, each accolade is awarded for achievements that encourage a more diverse group of people to feel like cycling is for them – whether as their chosen mode of transport or as a leisure activity.

2023 winner Jo Shwe co-founded Colour Collective and was chosen as an ambassador for Cotic bikes and Trash Free Trails. Jo champions inclusivity and the environment in her cycling. Through her work with the Trash Mob Academy to empower young people and give them purpose through cycling, she is driving change for a more inclusive and accessible cycling world.

She said: “I always think middle-aged average women are still underrepresented in cycling, so it was amazing to be recognised as part of the list. I work in a school, and when I told the young women I work with about the award, it encouraged them to go out riding their bikes more. The award also boosted my confidence and elevated my profile so it’s wonderful more women are going to be recognised in this way.

“Cycling has opened so many doors for me. Age, ability, gender, ethnicity and social background don’t matter as much as treating everyone and everything with kindness and respect.”

A woman is standing astride a road bike with drop handlebar and rear rack. She is wearing a flat cap, blue and white sailor top and blue trousers
Actor, writer and director Maxine Peake is a previous 100 Women nominee. Photo: Claire Sutton

Nominations are open to all and cover four distinct categories:

Community champion

The unsung heroes of cycling groups, school-run mums organising bike buses, founders of bike schemes for refugees. These women teach others how to ride, lead rides and help others to find their own confidence.

Sporting hero

Women who have embarked on epic adventures or achieved in the world of sport cycling, regardless of discipline.

Cycle influencer

People inspiring others or creating change through a variety of means – active travel campaigners, local politicians, social media stars, journalists, filmmakers and artists who promote cycling to their audiences.

Industry mogul

Women breaking down barriers and creating female-friendly spaces in the cycling industry. Business owners and others who represent women in the bike trade at different levels, bike mechanics, designers of bikes, accessories and cycling fashion.

I work in a school, and when I told the young women I work with about the award, it encouraged them to go out riding their bikes more

Jo Shwe, co-founder of Colour Collective, ambassador for Cotic bikes and Trash Free Trails

Sarah Mitchell, Cycling UK’s chief executive, commented: “There’s no denying that women face more barriers to taking up cycling. The women we celebrate are breaking those down and we want to shine a spotlight on their hard work.

“Whatever your background or ability, there are so many benefits to reap from cycling, not least the joy it brings. Every nomination represents a unique story of determination, passion and dedication to making cycling accessible to all. Help us celebrate the achievements of these women and inspire others to join the movement towards a more diverse and equitable cycling world.”

Nominations for 2024

Nominate your female role models today to help us celebrate our 100 Women in Cycling as part of our continuing quest to address the gender imbalance in cycling.

We only include someone on the 100 Women in Cycling list once, so make sure to check our list of previous recipients before making your nomination.

100 Women in Cycling 2024

Nominations are now open for our 100 Women in Cycling 2024.

Women from all walks of life and every corner of the cycling world can be nominated. Tell us about your female role models.

Nominations for this year’s entries close on Sunday 30 June. Please note that the closing date of 9 June given in the June/July 2024 edition of Cycle magazine was incorrect.

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