Celebrate #RainbowLaces Day with a free set of laces from Cycling UK

Brighten up your world and show support for greater inclusion in cycling on Rainbow Laces Day
Today is #RainbowLaces Day, with the theme of Lace Up, Speak Up. We are proud to support this campaign, which seeks to improve inclusion in sport and physical activity among the LGBT community

Why are we supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign?

Stonewall's statistics show there is a need for more action to be taken, so that people who identify as LGBT feel more welcomed in sport:

  • 20% of sports fans think anti-LGBTQ+ language is harmless if it's just banter
  • 43% of LGBTQ+ people think public sporting events aren't a welcoming space for them
  • 33% of LGBTQ+ people who participate or follow sport are not out to anyone in their sporting life

Stonewall is therefore calling on the organisers of team sports and activities such as cycling, to create safer and more inclusive spaces so that people who may have different sexualities and gender identities to those around them feel able to participate, particularly during the pandemic when recreation in the outdoors is particularly beneficial to everyone's physical and mental health. The charity has shared some top tips for LGBT inclusion in sport and how to be a better ally to LGBT people. 

Several big companies, brands and teams such as Arsenal have also shown their support for the campaign by changing their logos to incorporate the rainbow stripes. 

Rainbow Laces

One of the ways is to express support for the community is by wearing rainbow laces, the colours of the LGBT movement. You can order them from Stonewall - they now come in a range of different colourways to show support for people from a range of different identities, such as Lesbian, Bi, Non-Binary, Trans and Asexual. Why not get some as a gift for family or friends?

Get involved

Tell us your story about being a LGBT cyclist or cycling group. What barriers have you faced? How have you overcome them? Share your experiences with others and inspire more LGBT people to enjoy the wonderful benefits of cycling.