Health Revolutions

Cycling UK's Abi Wingate shows how to fix a brake cable
Health Revolutions supported people with mental health conditions through cycling activities. In collaboration with the NHS, it aimed to encourage a sense of belonging, decrease isolation, increase self-esteem and give a greater feeling of well-being by spending time being active outdoors.

Physical activity and access to green space are both good for people’s health. However, mental health issues can prevent people being active, which in turn has an impact on physical health. This project aimed to break this cycle through a range of cycling activities.

Health Revolutions was a pilot which worked with a range of people - those with severe and enduring issues who are inpatients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, people that are members of Stepping Out in East Lothian and Social Bite, to outpatients receiving support in the community.

We provided specially designed cycling sessions for people with enduring and severe mental health issues, accompanied and supported by hospital staff. Separate sessions were tailored to people with mild to moderate mental health issues, with support from existing community mental health groups and NHS outpatient staff.