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Windsor Cycle Hub at their Swan HQ

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Registered as a charity in England & Wales. Charity No.: 1195024

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About us

Windsor Cycle Hub is a Cycling UK affiliated group, launched in May, 2021

We're a 100% volunteer run charity based at The Swan community pub in Clewer, Windsor. It's a cycle-friendly location (with bike-racks & outside pump). The Swan does coffee, cakes, snacks and award-winning locally brewed beer. It's a safe environment, where everyone regardless of gender, age, race, creed and means is welcome. We meet every Saturday morning from 11.

We're dedicated to helping Windsorians enjoy cycling in, and around, our historic town. We're grateful for the grants we've received from the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Abri Housing Association, The Prince Philip Trust Fund, Cycling UK and generous donations from our visitors - all of which help us support our local community in Windsor.

We love to welcome cycling visitors to Windsor too – we're conveniently located close to Sustrans NCN4 route, just follow the signs.

We’re always looking for experienced cyclists and bike mechanics to help us, if you want to volunteer please pop down to The Swan on Saturday morning for a chat - look out our orange lanyards. Even if you're not that experienced, we'll help you learn new skills. 

NB We’re not a cycling club, our visitors are welcome to wear and ride what they like – provided that they’re safe to ride in a group and comfortable. We want to help everyday people to get the cycling bug.


We're there for a chat, coffee and our popular weekly 'Bike Kitchen' – free* bike safety-checks/basic repairs. In our experience it's all most bikes need - the tyres need some air, cables tightening & saddles adjusting. But don't forget to book your slot. *We welcome donations - which help us pay for parts, tools and training.

We also run Dr. Bike sessions, supported by Cycling UK, away from The Swan in the borough villages surrounding Windsor. Please follow us on social media for the next event.


There's a Guided Ride every Saturday (bar 5 weekend months) be there by 10:45 for an 11:00 departure – to get us back to The Swan in time for lunch, a refreshing drink and a chat. You must be at The Swan at least 15 mins before the ride & be booked in to join us. NB Please don't come on the ride if you've got another appointment that afternoon - we aim to ride to a schedule, and we always reccie rides, but people get punctures, we ride at the pace of the slowest rider and maybe it's actually really nice weather, so everyone decides to stay out longer. You can always come another week.

You'll find our ride schedule here in Events & Rides, follow us on social media for updates on specific location and weather. We've only ever cancelled 1 ride due to bad weather - but it's best to be pre-registered or to follow-us to save a wasted trip.

On rare 5 Saturday months, instead of a ride, we run a Skills Sessions on bike security, fixing punctures etc. 

Our rides favour low (or no) traffic routes, there's always some off-road. If you, and your bike, can manage the Jubilee River path then you'll be fine. See below for more info.


NB We highly recommend booking rides & repairs in advance here, it helps us plan our resources and contact you if there's a problem. You can also book on the day with your smartphone (we've QR codes everywhere).

If we know you're coming, we can look after you properly. 


NB There's no on-street parking in Mill Lane outside The Swan. We naturally recommend coming by bike, but if you do need to drive you can park at the Windsor Leisure Centre nearby. Please allow time for us to check that your bike's been reassembled properly*.

*Sorry if this all sounds a bit bossy, but we've been there too many times


Please follow us on X / Twitter , Facebook  & Instagram for instant updates on events, campaigns etc.

Visit our website to learn more about our story and community activities. We look forward to riding with you.

Download further information

Information about the group rides

Our weekly Guided Rides are aimed at giving you the confidence to ride more often in, and around, Windsor. You'll learn new quiet routes – to help you get to work, the shops or to cycle for pleasure. You'll soon be able join everything up for your own longer rides. You must book your place on all of our rides, we recommend doing it advance here. Please read the attached Rides document before booking onto a ride.

We ride away from traffic whenever possible - favouring the scenic route over the quickest. The Jubilee River, NCN4 & Windsor Great Park feature on most rides. NB All rides have an element of off-road - suitable for mountain, hybrid, touring, gravel/cross or road bikes with heavier tyres. Many of us ride Bromptons, but best leave the time-trial bike at home.

Our Level 3+ rides are a great way for visitors to Windsor to learn some quiet routes to the Great Park and so on.

NB Because we're supported by The Swan community pub in Clewer, we have coffee before we ride and allow time for a drink and/or snack when we get back. We don't have cafe stops on our rides, so please bring your own drinks and snacks (which we do stop to enjoy).

Accompanied children are welcome on Level 1 rides (1 adult per child, unless we're confident of your child's cycling ability - because we've met them before). Accompanied teenagers are welcome on Level 2 rides (NB these rides are not suitable for younger children).


NB Our early month rides at a very easy pace, slightly above walking – the pace builds through the month to a moderate one. As mentioned, we're not a cycling club - but a charity dedicated to helping everyday people share our love of riding bikes.

It's especially important that our 1st 2 level rides, Easy and Easy Explorer, are run to benefit our less confident riders' needs. If you're an experienced cyclist, who wants to help others, then you're very welcome. But, if you're after something with more pace/distance, then please select Levels 3 and/or 4. 

Likewise, please don't come on Level 3 and/or 4 rides if you're not confident in your own cycling capabilities - it's best to start at 1 or 2 and take it from there.


We ride the 1st 4 Saturdays each month (all year around) – see Events & Rides for details, we update destinations on social media – so please follow us. Our key 4 Level Guided Rides are described fully in the attached doc., but in summary:

1st Sat Level 1: Easy - flat, off-road, suitable for the youngest & oldest riders, e.g. across the Thames towards Dorney & Jubilee River. 1hr, pace of slowest rider, plenty of stops to admire the view. Aimed at inexperienced riders. At least 1hr (up to 8 miles)

2nd Sat Level 2: Easy Explorer - a little faster, further & with some quiet roads too e.g. around Eton & over to Upton Court Park in Slough. Aimed at slightly more experienced riders. At least 1.5hrs (10-15 miles)

3rd Sat Level 3: Explorer - adds hills, more pace & distance, e.g. Windsor Great Park (WGP) via Stag Meadow cycle path. Intermediate level, once Gentle Explorer's been mastered. At least 2hrs (15-20 miles)

4th Sat Level 4: Adventurer - steeper hills (incl. Crimp Hill), faster, further & a little more on-road riding, e.g. WGP via the Castle, or further to Cookham. Moderate paced ride, for more confident riders. At least 2.5hrs (20-25 miles)

NB Ride times are indicative, we'll always be back at The Swan for lunchtime. Rides take longer if there's a puncture or because it's a nice day and everyone wants to ride more. It's best not to come on a ride if you're on a tight schedule - pick another week when you've time to relax.


We cycle at the pace of the slowest rider, adapting routes on the day to suit all and deal with obstructions. There's a Ride Leader who's in charge and a Sweeper to ensure no one's dropped. We'll often have Ride Assistants to ride alongside inexperienced visitors.

We work through our ride classifications in sequence. So, the 1st Saturday of the month will be Level 1 Easy, the 2nd Level 2 Easy Explorer and so on. This means that there's something for every rider each month and everyone can get used to our schedule.

Pre-booking rides is essential, as they do fill up, do so here. For everyone's safety we can only take a limited number of riders onto the road - priority will be given to those that have pre-booked & arrived promptly. If you're a fair weather rider you can sign up on the day, but it really helps our planning if we're expecting you.


There are 2 extra classifications, by request only:

Beginners - adults who've never ridden a bike, or perhaps not since childhood. Normally one-to-one sessions – to give you full attention. Training for children is something for Bikeability, we have local contacts who can provide support for younger people who need one-to-one sessions. 

Level 5 Pathfinder - monthly Sunday rides where we check quiet routes for our less experienced cyclists. 30-40 miles on request via this site, max 4 riders, at 12mph+.