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Windsor Cycle Hub

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Registered as a charity in England & Wales. Charity No.: 1195024

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MTB/Offroad rides
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About us 

Windsor Cycle Hub is a new Cycling UK affiliated group, launched 30th May, 2021 – to celebrate Bike Week.

We're a based at The Swan community pub in Clewer, Windsor. It's a cycle-friendly location (there's a courtyard with bike-racks), does fantastic coffee, cakes, food &, of course, cold refreshments.

We're a charity with volunteers dedicated to supporting the people of Windsor to enjoy cycling in, & around, our historic town. We also welcome cycling visitors to Windsor – we're conveniently located on the Sustrans NCN4 route, just follow the signs.


We meet every Saturday at the Swan from 11am for a chat, coffee & to run our popular 'Bike Kitchen' – for basic checks & repairs, so everyone's has a safe bike. The work's at a level below Dr. Bike, we don't charge (but welcome small donations). We may suggest booking a full Dr.Bike session with our friends at Maidenhead Cycle Hub, who often visit Windsor. Or, if serious, we'll recommend one of our local independent bike shops including:  or


We run organised rides every Saturday (expect the 5th weekend in the month), setting off at 11:30am. We publicise them here, our social media channels & website. On the 5th Saturday of the month, instead of a ride, we run workshops on topics like: bike security, fixing punctures & very basic bike maintenance. 

Our rides favour low (or no) traffic routes, so there's always at least some off-road so if you & your bike can manage the Jubilee River path then you'll be fine. 

We do Beginner's Training for adults who've never ridden, or perhaps haven't for many years. Contact us here, or via our website to request a one-to-one session.


Follow us on Facebook , Twitter & Instagram , for instant updates on events - we also post rides & bigger events here. them here.  

Visit our website to find out more & sign-up for updates.






Download further information about the group rides 
Information about the group rides 

We run group rides to give you the confidence to ride more often in, & around, Windsor. You'll learn new quiet routes – to help get to work, the shops or simply cycle for pleasure.

We prefer off-road riding, often on cycle paths, the Jubilee River etc., & quiet roads. All rides have an element of off-road - suitable for mountain, hybrid, touring, gravel/cross or road bikes with heavier tyres.


We ride the 1st 4 Saturdays of every month (all year around!) – keep an eye on this site & our own social media. We've got 4 popular types, full details are on our website, & attached, in a nutshell:

1st Sat: Gentle Ride - flat, off-road, suitable for the youngest & oldest cyclists, e.g. across the Thames around Dorney Lake & Jubilee River. 1hr, pace of slowest rider, plenty of stops to admire the view. Up to 1hr (up to 8 miles)

2nd Sat: Gentle Explorer - similar to above, a little faster & further, still flat, but using some quiet roads too e.g. around Eton. 1hr 15mins (10-15 miles)

3rd Sat: Explorer Ride - adds hills, a little more pace & distance, e.g. Windsor Great Park from The Swan via Stag Meadow cycle path. 1hr 30mins (15-20 miles)

4th Sat: Adventurer - steeper hills (even Crimp Hill!), faster, further & a little more on-road riding, e.g. the Great Park via the Castle, or further afield to Cookham. Up to 2hrs (25-30 miles)

(5th Sat: if there is one, then we'll save it for a special event like a bike security marking workshop)

We always ride at the pace of the slowest rider, adapting routes on the day to suit all. We have ride leaders, & a rear sweeper.

We work through our ride classifications in sequence. So, the 1st Saturday of the month will be Gentle, the 2nd Gentle Explorer & on. This means that there's something for every rider each month & everyone can get used to our schedule.

We've 2 extra classifications, by request only:

1. Beginners - adults who've never ridden a bike, or perhaps not since childhood. Normally one-to-one sessions – to give you full attention

2. Pathfinder - Sunday rides where we check quiet routes for our less experienced cyclists. 30-40 miles on request via this site, or DM us on Twitter.


Please check your favourite social media channel a few days before the weekend to see what type of ride we're doing & whether it's suitable for you.