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Cyclist on Gresley Way being overtaken by a car
The path alongside the road here is for pedestrians only.

Gresley Way is one of the busiest roads in Stevenage yet the entire northern section from Six Hills Way to Martins Way lacks any cycleway provision. Instead, people cycling along this route are forced to share the road carriageway with vehicles travelling up to 40 miles per hour.

We are calling on Hertfordshire County Council and Stevenage Borough Council to work together to upgrade the pedestrian path to give a safe high quality segregated space for walking and cycling. 

Sign the petition here.

Update - June 2023

As part of the Gresley Park East of Stevenage development, cycleway infrastructure is now being put in from Six Hills Way to the Emperors Head on Fairlands Way by the time the 75th home is built. This work is starting shortly. 

Morrisons now have planning permission for a new supermarket store at Wedgewood Way off Martins Way.

Cycling UK highlighted the need for the Gresley Way cycleway in both a submission on the original proposals and at the final Planning Committee meeting on 25th May. See Comet and BBC articles. 

To enable people who are working or shopping at the new store, it is essential that the final 650 m of cycleway between Fairlands Way and Martins Way is built. 

This would be the final link, connecting Fairlands Way to Martins Way and so Great Ashby - please sign and share to get this crucial last section. 

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  • Print and display the poster.

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