Cycling to the train station

Want a fun, free and socially distanced way to get to the train station? Then try cycling…

Whether you’re looking to inject a little exercise into your daily life, save on the hassle and cost of car parking or just make sure you’re keeping your social distance, then cycling is one of the best ways to travel for short essential journeys.

This is especially the case for riding to train stations. If you’re not taking your bike on the train, there’s nearly always cycle parking close to the entrance of the station. Increasingly stations are also installing CCTV and other measures to make sure your bike stays where you left it – so really there is no excuse not to give cycling to the station a go – who knows you might even joy the journey there for once!

Plot a safe route

Riding to the station you won’t necessarily need to go the same route as when driving. There is usually a more traffic-free way which you might not know about. Our journey planner can save you the hassle of trying to find the best way, and gives you three options from the fastest most direct route, to the quietest way avoiding as many hills and busy roads as possible.

Plot your route

To begin at the beginning

If returning to cycling, then it can be a little bit daunting. You might find you ask yourself multiple questions like what should I wear and what bike do I need? With over 140 years’ experience in the saddle, Cycling UK wants to share our love of cycling, expertise and support with you. We champion a simple belief – that cycling should be a fun, inspiring and accessible.

Tips for beginners

Cycling in traffic

Unless you’re under the age of 18, it’s fair to say most people cycling know how to drive (over 90% of Cycling UK members also have a driving licence). However, the skills you develop and need in a powered four wheeled car, are quite different when you’re out pedalling. Junctions, just as when you’re driving, need a lot more care and attention. In this short video below, we explain how to tackle them when on two wheels.

It’s also worth checking out Cycling UK’s top five tips on how to stay safe on the road. These cover:

  • Checking your surroundings
  • Brake sense
  • Observe and anticipate
  • Road positioning
  • Finishing your journey

Cycling to work

If you’re heading to the station, then like millions of others in the UK it’s entirely possible you might be doing so as part of your commute. We’ve loads of tips for commuters by bike on our website which are worth exploring – from the best way to carry luggage on a bike (tip: it’s rarely a backpack) and tips on how to arrive fresh and groomed.

Commute by bike

Riding with your family

Of course, not all cycling has to be about cycling to work or the shops – one of the great pleasures of riding a bike is that it’s something which can be enjoyed by a whole family. Our advice page covers advice on the sort of bikes / trailers / tag alongs / child seats your little ones might need, to inspiring adventures about families who’ve travelled the whole UK by train and with their bikes too.

family cycling

How to stop my bike being stolen

It’s the worst feeling ever to return to an empty bike stand where your pride and joy once rested. From teaching you how to lock your bike properly to the importance of registering your bike on the police’s favourite website for identifying stolen bikes BikeRegister, our website has all the information you need on how to stop your steed being pinched…and what to do if it is.

Keep my bike safe

Simple roadside maintenance

Squeaky chain? Gears won’t shift? Flat tyre? While these problems might be annoying or even stop you from cycling, they’re all easily fixed. Watch our short little film above or download our guides on how to sort out the most commons problems you might face while out cycling.

Download the guides

How to buy a second-hand bike

You want to cycle to the station, but you don’t have a bike and would prefer to go down the second-hand option. There are no shortage of forums to find your bike, but how do you make sure it’s not a pig in a poke or worse stolen goods? Don’t worry, our guide will help you out!

find that bike

Back on your Bike

If you’ve recently (re)discovered the joys of cycling, then rest assured Cycling UK is there for you if you need it. Our membership costs as little as £4 a month and includes everything you need to help you feel more confident on your recreational ride or commute. From insurance, discounts and access to expert advice, we’re here for you.

back on your bike