Where can I buy a mudflap?

Brooks leather mudflap, £17
I enjoy cycling along a local path but rain makes it muddy, and in winter my bike gets muddied most of the time. I asked at my local bike shop if they could provide a mudflap for my front mudguard, but they failed to find a supplier. Where can I get one?

Roland Graham

There’s no shortage of retro-fit mudguard flaps on the market, including leather examples made by Brooks, Dia Compe and Gilles Berthoud, alongside those in more conventional (and lighter, once wet) moulded plastic and rubber such as the SKS Spoiler. There are even custom-made flaps, which may be obtained online from outlets including topflaps. co.uk and rawmudflap.uk. If you or your LBS fancy making one, I recommend builder’s DPC (damp proof course) plastic strip.

Richard Hallett

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