On my bike: Sarah Mitchell

Cycling UK chief executive Sarah Mitchell gets on her bike
We spoke to chief executive of Cycling UK Sarah Mitchell about her cycling habits

Why do you cycle?

I started because I couldn’t afford the Tube in London. Now I automatically get on my bike for almost every local journey: commuting, shopping, meeting friends.

How far do you ride each week?

It used to be a minimum of 60-70 miles commuting. Now I’m working at home it varies.

Which of your bikes is your favourite?

I only have one! It’s a good old workhorse Ridgeback commuter bike.

What do you always take with you when cycling?

Waterproof trousers. (Also handy for cycling in a skirt and keeping warm.)

Who mends your punctures?

The fantastic team at Finsbury Cycles!

It’s raining: bike, public transport, or car?


Lycra or normal clothes?

Lycra, depending on changing options at the other end. I own lots of crease-proof dresses.

If you had £100 to spend on cycling, what would you get?

A camera. I had a nasty incident in February which made me realise how useful these can be.

What’s your favourite cycle journey?

Cycling through Hyde Park in the evening over to the Serpentine. There’s a good, newish cycle lane and the road gets quieter after dark. It feels like an oasis in the centre of town.

What single thing would most improve matters for UK cyclists?

Segregated and connected cycle lanes would give lots more people the confidence to take their bikes out, and connected routes would mean that bikes can actually be a practical alternative to cars for those short journeys.