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TfL outlines the economic benefits of cycling

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The Government has stated that stated that: "Cycling and walking regularly offer high and very high value for money" and are about to announce what they will spend our money on in the next year. Meanwhile Transport for London has published an information pack on why active travel is the smart choice for everyone's pockets. Head of Campaigns, Duncan Dollimore, also speaks about the value of cycling in his blog about the Funding for Cycling and Walking campaign.

The Great North Trail

This weekend, Cycling UK launched the Great North Trail, an 800-mile off-road adventure route from the Peak District to Cape Wrath and John o’ Groats on the north coast of Scotland. It’s all part of our work to increase access to the countryside for cycling.

MPs say cycling is the way for the Government to achieve climate change targets 

School protest on Clean Air Day

The Transport Select Committee encouraged cycling, walking and the use of public transport in addressing the Government's climate change targets, sending out the message that motorists should ditch their cars

Scottish Government publishes new national transport strategy  

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Jim Densham, our Campaigns and Policy Manager in Scotland, has written a blog about his analysis of Scotland's new transport strategy and how if it was a cheese sandwich, he'd hope it would be made with tastier cheese. We will be providing some guidance in due to course to help Scottish supporters have their say about the new transport strategy. 

Five local Scottish projects receive £60 million funding

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Glasgow, Edinburgh, Arbroath and Perth will all benefit from the boost to their cycling and walking infrastructure, which costs less than the project to make two miles of the A9 a dual carriageway. 


Other Stories

This Wednesday 4 September, the UK Government will announce what they will spend our money on, and helpfully Transport for London has just published a timely report on the economic benefits of cycling and walking. Now is your last chance before the Spending Round (funding for a year instead of the course of the parliament) to ask the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Rishi Sunak MP, for the funding that cycling and walking deserves to create the kinds of places you would like to live and work in.

We launched The Great North Trail on Sunday 1 September to promote access to the countryside via a route from the Peak District to the northern tips of mainland Scotland.

A new Scottish National Transport Strategy has been published and is open for consultation. We will be responding in due course and looking to help Scottish supporters respond to ensure that the strategy recognises the benefits of cycling on health and wellbeing, climate action, the economy and accessibility. In the meantime, we analyse how far reaching the strategy truly is. 

In other stories, a mountain biking world championship family has opened up a trail park in Snowdonia and campaigners in Belfast urge the Government to continue work on a £9 million cycle and foot bridge, which would better connect the south-east of the city.

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