Cyclists Welcome

Cyclists parking their bikes outside a Café
Cyclists Welcome is the number one listing site for cycle-friendly places – where you can be guaranteed of a warm welcome

The average cycle tourist spends £84 a day on anything from a pitched tent to a pasty!

More than 100,000 people come to Cyclists Welcome every year looking for a place to rest, eat, sleep and explore while out cycling. And with more than two million surveyed adults (ONS statistics) regularly travelling by bike, there are a lot of saddles out there filled with people who could benefit your business.

For just £25 a year, your business will be listed on Cyclists Welcome. For no extra cost you can upgrade to accredited status which will enable you to access a wider range of assets to promote your business.

So what’s the difference between us and Google? The difference is cyclists have certain needs: secure bike parking, a place to hang wet clothes, water bottle refills. If you can offer these you are more inviting than a generic pin on a map that could be good or bad. A listing with Cyclists Welcome offers the cyclist that distinction which is why we have been trusted for almost 150 years by cyclists all across the UK.

If you offer accommodation, food or drink; if you are a place of interest and if you make provision to ensure cyclists, walkers and other active travellers are welcome then why not list your business on our website.

What do you get?

General listing Accreditation
Editable listing Editable listing
Quarterly Cyclists Welcome email with tips and ideas to grow your business for cyclists Quarterly Cyclists Welcome email with tips and ideas to grow your business for cyclists
Accredited status on your listing
Access to digital assets to further promote your business
Access to purchase tangible assets to support your business (coming soon)
Cyclists enjoying a rest stop at an outdoor cafe.

To receive Cyclists Welcome Accreditation status, you will need to offer at least some of the following benefits:

  • Safe space to park bikes
  • Free water bottle refills
  • Drying space for wet kit
  • Electric bike charging

Have a favourite place?

Do you have a favourite location you would like to share with fellow people who cycle? Would you like your favourite café, shop, accommodation or attraction to be featured on the Cyclists Welcome website?

Download this coupon to give to the business owner, which provides them with all the information to visit this site and become a Cyclists Welcome place.

The future of Cyclist Welcome

Cyclists Welcome will launch to the public with its new look and feel in the summer.

By registering with us, you will be one of the first businesses to appear on the map when it is shared with our supporters.

A map showing points of interest and details of Cyclist Welcome places
The cyclist welcome map and locations listing

Cyclists from around the UK will be able to engage with your business, discovering what you offer and how far away you are from them as they cycle around the country using the hundreds of cycle routes that we have curated over the years.

Cyclist welcome location as displayed within the site
A cyclists welcome place listing page