COP26: Cycling fights climate change

The COP26 global climate summit is a great opportunity to tell our national and local governments that cycling fights climate change - if they're willing to invest and deliver to ensure cycling is accessible to all

At the beginning of November, the world’s attention will be on Glasgow as world leaders descend upon the city for the United Nations COP26 climate summit.  

On 6 November, during the COP26 conference, Cycling UK joined millions of others in a day of global action, to tell governments that cycling offers huge potential to cut climate emissions, and that active travel must be urgently embraced as part of the solution to the climate crisis.

How can cycling fight climate change?

Transport is the UK's biggest polluting sector, accounting for 27% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions.

This can be significantly reduced if more people are enabled to cycle more often.

COP26 should provide the impetus for local and national governments to urgently and significantly increase their investment in cycling, to deliver comprehensive and safe networks of cycle lanes, and to enable people to choose to cycle for their everyday journeys.

We know that cycling fights climate change - it's time for our politicians to make that possible.

Thank you for joining us for Pedal on COP

We worked with the campaign group Pedal on Parliament to help organise and promote Pedal on COP - enabling cyclists to join thousands of others in Glasgow on 6 November to call for climate action.

Ride more to cut your carbon footprint

If you have been inspired to cut your carbon footprint we have lots of advice to help you ride your bike more. 

  • Advice to help you get on your bike and enjoy your riding
  • Use our Journey Planner to find quiet routes to your workplace or local amenities
  • Find one of our projects near you which can help and encourage you to be more active by bike
  • Join a local cycling group and find new friends to ride with
  • Campaign with others for better cycling in your area - join our Cycle Advocacy Network