Linda Rackham

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Linda Rackham

Linda was struggling to find an activity that was right for her to help manage her diabetes. But after joining a local cycling group she now has the confidence to cycle to work and has even completed the 28-mile Tour De Broads.

“I used to cycle everywhere before passing my driving test some 30 years ago,” Linda said. 

And like so many others around the UK, the bike was then confined to the shed.

At the age of 50 and managing type II diabetes, Linda was looking for a form of exercise to help manage her condition, and one that was right for her.

Linda tried running, swimming and going to the gym but never got past a couple of weeks. 

She then heard about Big Bike Revival rides organised by Park Pedal and decided to give cycling a go.

“I didn’t think I could do more than the two laps of the broad but hoped that maybe I could start cycling to work on the days I could. 

“The first week was cold, but once I was on the bike I soon warmed up. Two laps seemed a long way, but I wanted to come again and do it faster the week after. 

“I felt this was something I could actually enjoy doing again.”

Cycling with a group has given Linda the confidence she needed to keep going.

Linda cycling with members of Park Pedal

“I felt a bit nervous the first time,” Linda said. “But with the support around and seeing children doing it gave me the encouragement I needed.”

“Park pedal has helped me in so many ways. My confidence has grown, I now know I want to ride more. They not only lent me a bike but also gave me different bikes to try before buying my own bike.”

My confidence has grown, I now know I want to ride more.

Linda Rackham

Linda has now bought her own hybrid bike and is cycling regularly. She has also encouraged friends and family members to join her. She even recently completed the 28-mile Tour de Broads. 

“Cycling has brought me a new group of friends,” said Linda “With 28 miles done, 30 or even 35 doesn't seem impossible.” 

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If you run a cycling group, workshop or shop and want to find out how you can get involved with the Big Bike Revival next year, get in touch

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