Right To Ride to School

Cycling UK believes that all children should have the right to cycle to school. Yet in some schools backward policies mean many children are unable to cycle to school.

There are many excellent programmes designed to promote cycling to children – such as Bikeability and Bike Club

But there remains a persistent problem. Many schools undermine efforts to encourage cycle - e.g. by refusing to provide cycle parking, or by insisting on helmet rules. Typically, these schools will claim that it is "too dangerous" to let pupils or their parents decide for themselves whether they wish to cycle (or to do so without a helmet). Some even resist efforts to improve cycle safety in the surrounding area. All of this merely worsens the problems of congestion and danger on the local road network.

Cycling UK's Right to Ride to school arms parents and children with the knowledge and skills to help overcome any attempts to restrict cycling by schools. Our guide provides advice and tips on how best to influence an intransigent school.