British Cycle Quest leaderboard

There’s no better way to discover new and interesting places than by taking part in the British Cycle Quest (BCQ). The purpose of the quest is to visit all 402 checkpoints dotted throughout the UK. Visiting 402 checkpoints may be a daunting number, but it’s a challenge you’ve got the rest of your life to complete – there are no time limits.

The leaderboard shows the amazing achievements of current BCQ questers. The table shows participants, the number of checkpoints and level achieved.

Levels of award

  • Just started – One to 10 checkpoints completed
  • First level – 10 to 50 checkpoints completed
  • Second level – 50 to 100 checkpoints
  • Bronze level – 100 to 200 checkpoints
  • Silver level – 200 to 300 checkpoints
  • Gold level – 300 to 400 checkpoints
  • Platinum medal – All 402 checkpoints completed
First name Last name Checkpoints Award level Completion year
R&H Abbott 235 Silver Level
D Acklam 11 First Level
A Acklam 25 First Level
A Adams 1 Just Started
G Adams 320 Gold Level
S Allen 72 Second Level
J Anderson 1 Just Started
S Archer 302 Gold Level
D Arenas 2 Just Started
A Ashcroft 137 Bronze Level
S Atkin 27 First Level
J Atkinson 1 Just Started
C & P Avison 53 Second Level
S & J Bailey 351 Gold Level
A & W Baird 122 Bronze Level
O Bairstow 3 Just Started
I Barber 15 First Level
N Bard 25 First Level
M Barnes 36 First Level
R Bartlett 10 First Level
P Beaman 8 Just Started
S & G Beavis 110 Bronze Level
E & C Bell & Fryer 3 Just Started
D Bellingham 38 First Level

The answers are checked and validated by a volunteer and uploaded to the leaderboard once a month, so please be aware that there will be a delay between submitting your answers and seeing the online results.

Participants who have not handed in answers in five years will be removed from the leaderboard but can restart again at any time.