Your cycling club needs you!

Being on a local cycling group committee is a great way to make friends and be involved in running the group. Photo by Peter Cornish
Cycling is great, but riding with a group of friends is even better. There really is nothing quite like the quintessential weekend cafe ride or a post work club run on a warm summer's evening. Why not consider volunteering for your local group and help keep the wheels turning for years to come?

Cycling UK has over one hundred local member groups across the UK and, as a member, you're welcome at all of them. Lifelong friendships are made on group rides and years of experience is passed on as the miles fly by. These groups are entirely volunteer led and run, and there are loads of ways you can get involved as there's a role to suit everyone.

Below we've laid out some of the voluntary positions you could take on and what they involve. We also have a detailed toolkit available for each role that ensures you have everything you need to help your group thrive and develop. There are three required roles for a member group to function: 

  • secretary
  • chair 
  • treasurer

Plus two more essential roles that can be combined with the above:

  • welfare officer (ideally someone not in the secretary's role)
  • publicity/promotions officer

There are also plenty of other optional roles such as covid officer, diversity and inclusion champion, and more - you can always share or combine these with the above roles to make the most of your skills.


If there's one thing all groups have in common, it's their secretary. The group secretary is often the main contact between the group, its members and Cycling UK. As the chief organiser, they convene group meetings and have a guiding hand in organising the programme of rides and events.

If you like to be the one who makes thing happen, this is the role for you. Strong organisational abilities will help keep things running smoothly and good IT skills will come in handy. You'll be in touch regularly with Cycling UK staff to answer any questions you may have and help your group achieve its potential. 

Check out our secretary toolkit


The group's chair (or president as some groups call it) sits at the metaphorical head of the table during group meetings and makes sure everyone gets a chance to have their input. They assist the committee with the direction the group is heading in, acting as a spokesperson when needed. The chair can also ensure the group runs smoothly and fairly. If you want to be a defining part of the success of your group, consider this role.

Check out our chair toolkit


It's no surprise that this person is responsible for collecting and keeping track of the money collected by the group. With your help, a group can grow and flourish with the knowledge its finances are in safe hands. An understanding of budgeting and finance is helpful, but don't be put off by this - club finances are rarely overly complex. 

Check out our treasurer toolkit

Welfare officer

Everyone is entitled to ride with a local group, and all Cycling UK members should be able to do so in a safe and supportive manner. The welfare officer offers advice and support for the members of the group if they are facing any issues, and helps to resolve any complaints while remaining fair and impartial.

Whilst most issues can be solved informally, Cycling UK maintains a robust safeguarding policy and procedure to ensure no one is left feeling unwelcome or discriminated against. This role suits a kind and compassionate individual who wants to ensure their group is welcoming and safe for all. 

Check out our welfare officer toolkit

Promotions/publicity officer

For a group to really blossom, it's vital that it's promoted to new and potential members so it's easy to find out how to get involved. The promotions officer is responsible for sending out regular communications to existing members, as well as attracting new members. By using social media, websites and other local channels, the promotions officer can get the word out. 

Check out our promotions/publicity officer toolkit

General committee members

Want to have a say in how the group is run but don't feel your skills quite fit in to one of the above roles? No problem, many groups have general committee roles open to those who want to get more involved. The responsibilities of the above roles (and more!) are often shared out amongst several committee members as, after all, many hands make light work!

These are just a few of the many roles that can help make a group tick.

Most groups are very accommodating and will be happy to let you tailor a given role to your skills and time commitments so even if you're not sure if it's for you, it doesn't hurt to ask! Speak to your group committee members today to find out how you can help. 

Or why not check out some of our volunteering opportunities in your local area?