Secretary's toolkit

Riders on a road ride  Photo by Ian Stratton
Being secretary of a cycling group is a rewarding role. Photo by Ian Stratton
What does the secretary of a cycling group do? What are their main duties and which policies and guidance should they be aware of? Cycling UK provides a useful suite of resources to help our volunteers fulfil this important role. Whilst this role and associated tasks is compulsory for our member groups, affiliated groups may also benefit from knowing what a secretary's duties are. 

The position of a cycling group secretary is an important one but it need not take up large amounts of precious cycling time. Cycling UK has compiled a set of invaluable resources to help make the tasks involved as easy as possible.

What are the main tasks of a cycling group secretary?

The secretary is the person who has day-to-day responsibility for the smooth-running of the group. Their tasks may include:

For Cycling UK member groups:

  • convening any committee or General Meetings and prepare minutes of any such meetings;
  • convening an Annual General Meeting;
  • completing and submitting to Cycling UK National Office following the AGM a set of annual returns;
  • ensuring that all committee members, ride leaders, event organisers and any other volunteer officers, are registered as such with Cycling UK National Office;
  • trying to ensure that all officers are aware of and abide by Cycling UK national policies and guidance relevant to groups, including, for example safeguarding;
  • acting as a point of contact between Cycling UK National Office and the group;
  • acting as a point of contact between the group and any informal groups connected to the main group;
  • acting as a point of contact for Cycling UK members using our Member Group Tool;
  • ensuring any serious incidents during group rides are recorded on an Accident/Incident report form and that such forms are returned to Cycling UK and our agents as required; and
  • ensuring that the group puts on a programme of rides and cycling activities suitable for and accessible to Cycling UK members in their area.

For affiliated and other groups:

  • convene regular committee meetings and an Annual General Meeting for the whole group;
  • ensure all ride leaders, event organisers, marshals and other officials are registered with Cycling UK;
  • be aware of all our policies and guidance as relating to the smooth running of a group;
  • be a point of contact for members and non-members of the group; and
  • ensure any serious accidents/incidents on rides or at events are reported to Cycling UK and our agents.