MerseyCycle CIC - Runner-up

Volunteer Awards 2018
MerseyCycle CIC
MerseyCycle CIC was was shortlisted in in the Best Cycling Group category for Cycling UK's 2018 Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Based in Liverpool at Court Hey Park, MerseyCycle CIC is a social enterprise that specialises in bike recycling.

Their ‘Recycle a Bicycle’ courses, which teach the public how to build and look after their own bikes, are free for all who attend. They also refurbish bikes and sell them at affordable prices, which enable more people to cycle who otherwise would not have been able. They also work to make cycling accessible to families by putting on family-friendly events e.g. this year’s Family Cycle Safari.

MerseyCycle CIC have also participated in every year of Cycling UK's Big Bike Revival, offering free M-Checks and Dr Bike sessions to all who may benefit from getting on their bike and cycling. 

Cycling UK is happy to recognise MerseyCycle's work over the last year.

Cycling UK's Volunteer of the Year Awards are given annually to recognise and celebrate all the incredible work volunteers do in encouraging others to start cycling and keep cycling.