Mountain biking code of conduct

With mountain biking an extremely popular past time for many thousands of cyclists, it's important for us all to remember and respect all other users of the countryside whilst enjoying our vast network of trails. Here we highlight a few key points to remember when you are out and about.
  • Ride Responsibly Show respect for all other users, and take care of the environment.
  • Leave No Trace Practice low-impact cycling to protect trails and avoid wet and muddy trails. Keep to the line of existing trails, avoid skidding and take your litter home.
  • Control Your Bike Stay focussed, check your speed, and think about other people.
  • Always Give Way Let people know you are there. Pass wide and slow, particularly with horse-riders and approach with caution on blind corners and descents. Remember - Be Nice, Say Hi!
  • Avoid Disturbing Animals Farm, pet and wild animals are startled by sudden noise, be considerate.
  • Always Plan Ahead Know your bike, your equipment, your ability and the area, and wear appropriate safety gear, and helmet.

Before you go, check our guide to where you can cycle off-road (England and Wales), and remember to follow the Countryside Code or the Outdoor Access Code.