Communicating with your candidates

Two cyclists using segregated cycle lane in urban area
Tell your local election candidates to prioritise cycling
With elections just around the corner, it’s time to take things up a gear. Use our simple social media toolkit to have your say and make cycling happen

Do you want safe space for cycling and walking where you live? Do you dream of a healthier, happier future because more people go by bike?

Ahead of forthcoming elections, we’ve been asking you to support our vision for cycling, and thousands of you have already signed our petition. Now we need your help again – this time to take the message directly to the candidates themselves. Together we can make cycling a normal option for day-to-day journeys.

There are three key ways you can take action:

  1. Follow and engage with our messaging on social media, using with our campaign hashtag #GetThereWithCycling. You can find Cycling UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Use our quick e-action to find out which of your local leaders have made the pledge and write to those who haven’t.
  3. Create posts of your own using our free shareable resources. We’ve put together a selection of videos, imagery and suggested posts so that you can encourage your friends, families and communities to do the same.

The content below is free to redistribute on condition that it remains in its current format and that Cycling UK is given credit upon use. Please tag Cycling UK in any social media posts where assets are used.


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Projecting politics

On 13 April we lit up iconic sites across Belfast with a simple message for future politicians: ‘invest in the future, vote bike’. These shareable images are a powerful way to let your politicians know that cycling is a sustainable and affordable option for local journeys.

Lighting up the Titanic Museum in Belfast with the pro-cycling message "There is an alternative"

Velo vision

We have published manifestos for the Northern Ireland Assembly election, and for local authorities in Scotland, Wales and parts of England. Each sets out the different asks for each nation, although they share a call for politicians to deliver the high-quality cycling and walking routes we all need. We’ve put together a series of graphics highlighting the key commitments we’re asking for.

Setting out our vision for cycling

Vids get votes

As mentioned above, we have different election campaigns running in all four nations but there are common themes, as outlined in the informative one-minute video below. You can download the file to share on your personal social media accounts, as well as a separate location-specific video that is relevant to where you live.



Illustrating a point

Cycling UK member Dave Walker, also known as the Cycling Cartoonist, has created a trio of cartoons which show why we need to move cycling up the agenda and make it accessible for all. You can find Dave on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cycling cartoon by Dave Walker

Template text

We would love you to share some of the assets we have created via your own social media channels. Please tag Cycling UK in your posts and use the hashtag #GetThereWithCycling, and we will do our best to share and extend your reach. On Facebook you can find us @CyclingUK, and on both Twitter and Instagram it’s @wearecyclinguk.

Feel free to use the example posts below, or create your own:

Do you want safe routes for cycling where you live? It's time for our local leaders to invest and deliver the safe cycle lanes we all need. Use Cycling UK's action to ask your candidates to provide alternatives to driving: #GetThereWithCycling

Fuel prices are rising, but there is an an alternative. It’s time for politicians to deliver the safe cycle lanes we all need. Use Cycling UK’s action today to tell your local candidate to invest in a cleaner, greener future: #GetThereWithCycling

Elections are happening on 5 May. It’s time for local leaders to provide people with alternatives to driving. Use Cycling UK’s action to ask your candidate for safe routes for cycling: #GetThereWithCycling


For over 140 years Cycling UK has been campaigning to make the roads safer for cycling. Please support our ongoing work as a charity to make the UK a better place for cycling and join today.


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Cyclists using segregated cycle lane

On 5 May, there will be elections for the local authorities of Scotland, Wales and 146 English local authorities and mayors. Northern Ireland will elect the National Assembly.

Across our election campaigns, we are setting out a vision for cycling, with safe urban spaces, connected communities and accessible countryside.


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